Food poisoning in a hike

It is extremely easy to spoil or break. But if you can simply come to your attention Therefore, it is much easier and more convenient to prevent health problems. There are also no less suspicious looking sausage. But accidents happen anyway. So, what if you still poisoned in the campaign?

Food poisoning in a hike


First you need to get rid of food poisoning. Typical symptoms are:

  • nausea and repeated vomiting;
  • diarrhea;
  • weakness and dizziness;
  • temperature may rise;
  • painful cramps in the stomach.

All this doesn’t begin immediately after a meal. At least half an hour. Maximum – the next day. And on average – 4-6 hours. This period is usually enough to determine the cause of the poisoning. This agent will help prevent new poisonings.

In addition, we are dealing with foodborne illness or poisoning. These actions are different. It is possible that it is possible to completely help.

Good Source found and eliminated. Poisoning is. What’s next?

First aid

No matter how much time has passed! The first thing to do is wash the stomach plenty of water. If there is a salt on the hand (2 tablespoons per 5 liters), soda (1 teaspoon per liter) or potassium permanganate (weak, pale pink solution) – excellent. In the principle, it is even a weak solution. You need at least 10 liters of warm water. It is warm, so it’s not overcool the body.

There wasn’t enough time for a lot of body water. If the inventory has any water filters – even better. Substantial savings in precious time.

So. It is necessary to wash the stomach until the washings are absolutely clean. After the glasses of water, after that Well, everything was washed.

Next comes the turn enterosorbents. Enter the gel and prevent it from breathing. These drugs are simply in any travel kits. If there are no drugs, there is another way – it’s also a nutritious.

Well, they took tablets (1 tablet per 10 kg of weight) or 1 gel (1 tablespoon), washed down with warm water, repeated it several times (). Wrapped the victim’s blanket and put in a convenient place.

You can at least somehow continue the path. It shouldn’t be water, it’s weak (it’s not green) tea and juice. If you’re a person, you’re not die. Only the rice itself is not liquid. From the second day you can give broths.

For example, it’s even better. The electrolytes are electrolytes. 10 ml per 1 kg of liquid after each liquid stool. It is necessary to drink slowly. It is necessary that the salts and electrolytes are completely absorbed by the body. If you’re trying to simply make up your mind, you can’t get it. According to the instructions, regidron is diluted with 1 packet per 1 liter of water.

In general, it can be used in general, instead of rice broth. If you’re stretching for a whole day, you want to eat it.

The victim should not be ensured that he has been given the opportunity to recuperate. Well, basically, everything. Further treatment depends on the first-aid kit. It is good if there are any Essentiale Forte – 2 capsules 3 times a day. You have to make it. If microflora is great.

Complications of poisoning

In mild cases, the patient doesn’t even need these two days of rest. Unfortunately, things can be much worse and more dangerous. If the following symptoms are observed:

  • pain in the liver, kidney, pelvic organs;
  • high temperature, which does not subside for a long time;
  • vomiting and diarrhea lasting more than two days

It is best to deliver the patient as soon as possible. How to do this is another question. We will write you in the field.

Separately, it is extremely dangerous food poisoning – about botulism. The causative agent is Clostridium botulinum anaerobic bacillus. Source – substandard canned food. And since it is the most dangerous

The beginning is similar – vomiting, weakness, fever, diarrhea. But as the gastrointestinal symptoms subside, a new one appears – paralytic. There is a visual impairment, which is expressed by “flies”; complete atony of the intestine, severely dry mouth, partial paralysis of the facial muscles while maintaining sensitivity. The muscles of the diaphragm and intercostal muscles are also paralysis.

There is no need to clarify what this may lead to. It is not possible to use it. Therefore, it is extremely important to recognize as soon as possible.

In any situation, the main thing – do not panic. Yes, food poisoning is an extremely unpleasant thing. Yes, it requires treatment. Yes, it can be life threatened. Yes, delays the group. But if everything is done, it can be avoided. 2 days for a victim. Fortunately, you can’t be able to follow the physical exertion.

It can be used to help offset the loss of food. If you are dealing with botanism or various complications, then feel free to call the MOE. Your situation just falls under the criteria of “emergency, threatened by human life“.

Remember, whatever happens – do not panic. Accurate, prudent and competent actions.

Food poisoning in a hike &# 8212; what to do

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