Food Preparation: Mushroom Drying

As you know, it’s a good idea. Therefore, every self-respecting survivor there is no need for knowledge and practical training. You can’t make it happen. It is generally wonderful.

We are talking about a banal gathering, which is already rooted in human nature itself. It is clear that the petty rubbish has been scattered. But there is no direct trademark and direct energy, for example, in collection and subsequent drying mushrooms.

Why exactly mushrooms?

It’s pretty simple. The nutritional value dried mushrooms, Fresh vegetables and meat. The highest energy value is the highest energy content of the phospholipids, the highest energy value 900 kJ This makes it a fungus for a hundred grams of products. Besides, dried mushrooms it is a lot of

But this wonderful product has some disadvantages. The fungus contains chitin. This is what a polysaccharide is, which is responsible for the strength of the membranes. In especially large quantities is available in the integumentary tissues of various insects. Therefore, the cells of fungi are extremely resistant to most external influences. Fortunately, heat treatment destroys chitin, so it has been processed mushrooms have become edible. A significant disadvantage of fungi is that they can accumulate various toxic substances and toxins.

Yes, even the highest quality fresh or dried mushroom can be taken in an inappropriate place.

Therefore, it is worth refraining because they’ve needed it. It will help you reduce the amount of food poisoning to a minimum.

Preparation for drying mushrooms

For all types of mushrooms tolerate and dry. Best suited for this purpose. tubular mushrooms – Aspen mushrooms, brown boletus, white mushrooms and the like. Of course, they should not be wormy and suspicious. It is often impossible to get bitter after this procedure.

Mushroom drying It is best to start immediately after the collection. It is not recommended that the process be followed. In addition, it must be remembered that it is the most exception is ceps, which are completely dried.

Mushroom drying methods

There are many technical methods. Let us dwell on this in more detail.

Drying Mushrooms in the Open Air

The easiest and most affordable method. All you need is a thread, a needle, a well-ventilated room and sunlight. If the day is fine – fine. For example, on a balcony. It is a good condition to remove water and heat up.

Drying mushrooms in the Russian oven

Pretty simple method, of course, if you have such a furnace. It is not a good idea to make sure that it is dry. Mushrooms can be laid out on the back and strung on skewers. It is a different product, it prevents you from overdrying. It is necessary to ensure that it can be used to ensure normal air circulation. Can be slowly closed.

Mushroom drying in the oven

The oven must be warmed up to 70 degrees, after which it was given the maximum amount of air circulation. In addition, it is also necessary for the movement of air flow. It is really easy to use. If you are still raw.

Drying mushrooms in an electric drier

Compact and powerful electric dryers that can not only cope with drying mushrooms, but also with vegetables, and even meat. If you are a happy owner of such a device – you have no problems. Mushrooms are the right temperature is set – usually it is 70 degrees Celsius. There is no need for worrying about the device. As a rule, it’s not a matter of how they need to be processed.

Next steps

You would like to. It can be sent for re-processing, then it can be a little more difficult. However, you can grind them in a blender and get a wonderful mushroom seasoning, which can be a great addition to any kitchen. They are not always stored in a special way.

The ideal option would be packaging. dried mushrooms in cotton bags, which are then hung in dry and ventilated room.

You will need to carefully monitor the level of humidity. dried mushrooms perfectly absorb the liquid from the air, which can mold and deteriorate. You must also avoid mushrooms and can absorb it. If everything is done correctly, it can be stored for up to two years. However, the room must be ventilated. If they lie somewhere in the cache, then they will decline.

Food Preparation: Mushroom Drying

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