Food safety and first aid for poisoning

Table of contents

Power safety

  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Foreign objects
  • Accidental food poisoning
  • Food storage time
  • Security in the dining room
  • First aid for poisoning

Water safety

Power safety

Agricultural chemicals

Avoid food vegetables. It is clearly grown to control the field. Or take in your pocket analyzers of nitrates and pesticides and irritate sellers by taking samples.

Nitrates (nitrate) – salts of nitric acid, used as a fertilizer, often in excessive quantities. It is a form that is completely eliminated from the body. It is impossible to carry oxygen. Due to nitrite, it is possible to pregnant women. It has been shown that there has been a lot of content. Nitrates are removed from products by prolonged soaking and boiling. Boiled vegetables should not be cut into smaller pieces. If the soup is boiled, the nitrates remain in the pan (as the water does not drain). It is necessary to take into account the amount of nitrates:

  • Cabbage: outer leaves and stalk;
  • In carrots: pith;
  • At vegetable marrows: peel;
  • In watermelons, melons:
  • In beets: the upper and lower parts of the root;
  • In greens (lettuce, dill, etc.): stems, leaf stalks.

There is less nitrate in prematurely picked ones. For this reason, green tomatoes are undesirable. Beets accumulate nitrates more than other vegetables. There are unevenly distributions. Ascorbic acid “binds” nitrate and nitrate.

Foreign objects

In the group, it can be a stone or a metal object. Raisins and cereals should not be seen, bread-thinner. It is necessary to eat the hair before it can be broken down. Slices of bread can not be bite off, and break off.

Accidental food poisoning

“The first sign of poisoning is
blue corpse.

Medical joke

Most food poisoning has the same symptoms: nausea, diarrhea, shortness of breath, dizziness, palpitations, blue skin and lips. The main reason for this product is the use of a product that has been preserved, improper storage or improper handling. Checking the date of release and the deadline for implementation. It is a poorly distinguishable or no-buy. If you are not able to check your words before making a purchase. Even if the product was delivered an hour ago, it could rot out of stock.

When microorganisms multiply in a sealed can, it does not necessarily swell. It is necessary to inspect it carefully. It sometimes happens. It is especially dangerous to buy expensive perishable products, such as fish preserves, because they could wait for their price. You need to be able to supply your food. In this case, it will be small. It’s better to buy it.

If possible, it is sometimes possible that it is sometimes harmful. It is a breeding ground for bacteria. If it is not allowed, it’s not allowed. temperature was observed during the entire storage period. Special vigilance should be exercised in the market – when buying products from home gardens. If you are looking at it, you can take it 10 minutes from the bottom of the tractor. It is a fact that a piggybacker has been given. Small private owners are very creative. It is easier to keep track of the sanitary services for large farms.

Oftenin ’cause of poisoning is improper preservation of food at home. Attempted to freezing to -20 ° C. Temperature above -12 ° C. More than: 12 ° C. Poorly smoked, salted, stewed meat . The most dangerous method of home canning is pickling.

Always do the first product test with caution. If it’s possible, you can’t bite it. Immediately spit it out. If you have any questions about how to call you, you need to remain. A small amount of it. If there is a need for food, it can be a question. If you are a health resort If you’re not sure, you can’t not too poor.

There is a lot of harm in the body. It should be noted that the meat has been taken away from the bottom of the refrigerator. Warming up, continue their interrupted activity. After the first day after the heat of the animal, the meat is stored at a temperature of +5 to + 15 ° C, but then decomposition begins. Fish spoils faster than meat. It doesn’t get a product that’s already formed in it. It can be used to reduce the amount of protein it can be. Chemical interaction with the product. It is a good idea to eat green potatoes. You shouldn’t eat it in uncompressed or unmold ears. It is a strong poison. (This advice is useful in case of war or general collapse.)

Food storage time

There are no explanatory words for those who need to buy it. If you’re made up of a foreign language. It has been shown that there is no doubt that it will be possible to make it easier for you. In English, “EXP” or “BEST BEFORE”.

Security in the dining room

Spoons in the dining room are usually cleaner forks (because it is easier to wash). It wasn’t the day before it’s been spent on the dining room. best in the refrigerator. Cheesecakes (fried cottage cheese pancakes) can be baked cottage cheese or pastry uneaten batch cottage cheese. Kefir, cottage cheese, sour cream may be from the party with an expired sale. Cutlets can be from yesterday’s goulash, pancakes with meat – from yesterday’s cutlets. It has been shown that it has been confirmed that it has been a student. There is a lot of peace and a lot of effort in the dining room. He checked out the dining room. Low-processed uncrushed products are preferred. For example, ham is less dangerous than a chop, and potatoes are tuber than mashed potatoes. Can not bring dirt.

First aid for poisoning

Symptoms of food poisoning often resemble an intestinal infection: nausea, diarrhea, weakness. If you eat a little while it’s gone, it will help you drink it. It is necessary to ensure that it is a diet. In addition to soda, or potassium permanganate, or activated carbon. It is also useful for the body with urine. Ingestion of the following substances helps:

  • Adsorbing (activated carbon);
  • Precipitating (tannins, i.e. tannins, are present, for example, in the fruits of red mountain ash);
  • Oxidizing (potassium permanganate);
  • Neutralizing (soda, sour drink).

Water safety

Tap water is often excessively polluted, infected, or used with too much chlorine. If it is a water source of radioactive gas radon. Through raw tap water, you can become infected with dysentery, serous viral meningitis, cholera, etc. In the summer of the year. In the case of water, it should be noted that it is a water tap. 3-liter jars. At the same time, chlorine and radioactive radioactive partially evaporate from water (if they are present there). Sumps – plumbing. The water from the cans should not be poured carefully. It is recommended for drinking.

It is taken in small amounts. In the first case of microorganisms, it passes through the purification devices too quickly. (Similarly, if it is used sparingly.) It’s basic household work. Another way to purify water is freezing. Water is poured into a cold plastic container. When it freezes on 2/3, But the following are the following:

  • It is not too intense;
  • Will filter in it;
  • The filter has been limited to water purification.

It is better to clean your teeth. It can be used as a chemical remedy.

Alexander Buryak, editors – LastDay.Club
from the book The Art of Survival

The art of survival. Chapter 5.5: Food Safety

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