For self defense

It is a scandal. in self defense. I’m not sure if I’ve been able to protect myself. If you’re not sure, you’ll find out how to protect yourself.

Before I begin, I’ll explain something:

  • It can be seen. If you are unable to confirm the person.
  • If you’re acting 110%, you’re acting quickly and cruelly. If this is not your case – do not reach the knife.

A warningThis will be an illustration of a pointed weapon. If you are too impressionable, then you will not continue to read. Reservation: My article is not a motivation for action. This is not legal advice. If you want to go straight to prison.

Please note that the title of this article is “For self defense“And not” How to fight a knife. “It is a struggle for your life.”

Knife protection – Go to jail.

It is 100% justified.

Or article prevention of violence. These are your first self defense methods. It was not until the end of the war.

If you are still reading, you can save your life. If you want to learn it correctly, it’s correct.

If you carry your own use.

In this regard, I believe that the system “Amok!” Has been developed by Tom Sothis, is the best training.

If you wear knife for self defense, “I would be able to presumably to death?” Using a knife; you need to be very close to your target. You can accidentally hurt yourself.

If you’re a little bit cold, you’ll have to do it. And, perhaps, a fair amount of hanging skin. If you want to find out here (shown very clearly).

If you’re on the verge? But you can’t get it. But it wasn’t any kind of idea.

The last day clubThe body

It is quite difficult to interpret correctly. You can’t let you go. Mark McYang (who understands self-defense a little)

Just as a source for reflection.

Let’s start with the basic anatomy.

It is not 100% accurate even if it’s for our purpose. If you really want to know how to use it, you can take it easy.

Instinctively afraid of knives.

It is possible to make it out. But I would not count on that. I’m not armed with any weapon that I have with me. It is a crime in most cases.

If you choose, you can do 2 things:

  • Leave territory;
  • Call the police and tell about what happened.

It is a very difficult way to get a lot of attention. If they are around the corner.

You’re scared, you’re not scared. It was a woman’s dream.

When using a knife for self-defense, you should know how to use it.

Places for incision wounds

Since the human body is more or less symmetrical, the places are shown.

Places for cutting blows - Last Day ClubPlaces for cutting strokes

  • Point A is called superficial temporal artery, it is located between the skin and the temple (shown in detail below in the figure). If you hook it, there will be a lot of bleeding.
  • Point b is part of neck and throat, almost at the level of adam. The carotid artery and the jugular vein are located in this area. If you’re touched? It can be touched for 5 minutes and 15 seconds (in the absence of chemical stimulation). The fight couldn’t last a minute.
  • Point C is called trapezius muscle. This muscle is responsible for most of the shoulder joint.
  • Point d shows a notch on the outside pectoral muscles. This cut should be made with effort. This can be a reason for the inclination, which can lead to excessive bleeding.
  • Point E is a notch cut across deltoid muscle. If you are overdoing it, you can lead to a rupture of the head muscle.
  • Point F – notch biceps. This muscle is responsible for the movement.
  • Point G is a notch inside elbow joint. In addition to numerous veins (shown in point 3 in Figure 3), you are also in this area.
  • Point H shows horizontal a cut on the forehead. This area is densely filled, profusely, presumably blinding the attacker.

The last day clubThis drawing represents the head and neck.

  • Point I is a vertical notch going through cheek and jaw. This will be especially painful.
  • Point j is horizontal notch, walking on neck and throat. This is not only a jugular vein.
  • Point K – trapezius muscle, located closer to the neck.
  • Point L – strong cut chest muscles. Wrecking muscle with fists with force.
  • Point M shows a strong vertical incision. abdominal cavity. Penetration immobilizes the attacker into the abdominal wall, the loss of viscera.
  • Point N – a strong horizontal incision abdominal cavity. Penetration immobilizes the attacker into the abdominal wall and can also cause a cause evisceration.
  • Point O – penetrating cut inside forearm, between the radius and ulna bones. Penetration of more than 1 inch will be seen (shown by C in Figure 3) and, as a result, rapid blood loss.
  • Point p is notched on the back of the head, the middle of the skull. There is a group of pathways (it is shown in Figure 2), and it will bleed heavily.
  • Point Q shows a notch on the outside of the shoulder blade, movement of the shoulder.
  • Point R – vertical incision between spatula and spine. The muscle group is located in the upper torso.
  • Point S – vertical cut above rib cage and kidney area. It will be a loss of movement.
  • Point T – horizontal incision on the back of the head. In addition to a large number of veins, there are muscles that control the movement.
  • Point U is a notch on the back trapezius muscle, shoulder to shoulder movement.
  • Point V is a notch going through spinal muscles, The following is the scapula between the bottom and the spine. It is a painful movement of the body.
  • Point W shows a horizontal notch in the area. lower back. It is an extremely painful pathway for the body.

The arrangement of the bloodThe arrangement of the blood

  • Point a is brachial artery, which goes along the arm. This rupture will be provoke loss of consciousness for a period of 15 seconds, and death during 90 seconds.
  • Point b – numerous veins and arteries the inner part elbow joint.
  • Point C – radial artery (2-4 inches from the radius of the radius of the radius) loss of consciousness during 30 seconds, and of death during 2 minutes.

Stabbing wounds

  • Point A – part neck right behind Adam’s apple, 2-2.5 inches from the throat. Ideally, it should be a thrusting blade, perpendicular to the spine, cutting the front of the neck. If you are inclined to find out what you’ve been making.
  • Point B is the inside right armpit, the blade runs parallel to the ribs. Since this isn’t possible, it’s so far.

Places for stabbing with a knifePlaces for stabbing with a knife

  • Point C – stab wound on the right side chest, made at an angle of 45 degrees to the liver. Loss of mind can occur within 1 minute, and death within 5 minutes.
  • Point D depicts the subclavian artery, located approximately 2.5 inches from the area shown below. Rupture of the subclavian artery will lead to loss of consciousness within 2 seconds, and death within 3.5 seconds.
  • Point E – the inner part left armpit, the blade runs parallel to the ribs. If you’re done correctly, you’ll not be able to get it. Hellfire and his death within 3 seconds. There is no chance that the point will be stuck in the chest.
  • Point F – center abdominal cavity, approximately 1-4 inches above the navel. Approximately 5 inches of aortic arch and the inferior body. It takes 1-2 seconds and it takes 3-5 seconds.
  • Point represents the area slightly behind. earlobes. It can be seen. Long narrow blades are most likely to penetrate the brain. A massive incision. It represents if it’s not.
  • Point H shows a notch in the area. kidneys. Death of death within 1 minute. The kidneys are swept away. consciousness.


Carrying with you pocket knife and wearing the knife with self defense – these are 2 different things. I wore a Swiss Army knife at the bottom of one of my pockets. This alignment is completely useless for self-defense. A rule of thumb, 5 seconds ago.

If you are going to wear a knife in self defense:

  • How fast can you get a knife and open it?
  • Can you open the knife with one hand?
  • Can you reach for the knife by hand?
  • Can you unlock knife, if you’re pressing your hands to the sides?

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