For those who have recently moved to the USA …

At first there was meat. I looked at the price tag – cheap, and smiled. After the price were letters l and b. That’s it – $ 5.99 lb. It has been shown that it has been shown that it has been in the form of a scraper. Then he’d been wrapped around the bag, then he’d been wrapped around the bag. What do you need to do? The hand jumped up. I’ve remarked: “Well, that’s what I’ve been on for the first time in America.”

Later I found out what lb is. This is from the Latin “libra pound”, or pound. It’s still a matter of course.

453 grams, about half a kilo. Welcome to the rough world. I grew up in a metric universe, where everything is clear and logical. I used millimeters, centimeters, and I avoided decimeters, because I’m not a math teacher. It was a test run for three kilometer. What is the distance between the feet and the cups?

Shopping at first resembled exercises for general erudition. In addition to pounds, dry and liquid. I still will not understand. Neither multiply it nor divide it. From units of volume, like a teaspoon or cup, breathed homely comfort. Then there was a pint, it was a pint. Gallon and barrel of fallen warriors They were not sold in eggs, not dozens.

It was not the first month. Thank you, fuck, even a year left in its place. I’m on my way, I’m saying, Well, if you’re not “February twenty-second” sounded like a quote from the Bible. The first name is. Corrupted forms, lost time. Kolya Sulima, but not Sulima Kolya.

Anthropometric data:
– How much do you weigh?
– I think about ninety.
– Ninety what?!
– Ah, bl @ d, pounds, pounds … one hundred eighty eight!

There were no more than one hundred and four centimeters, shortly after an order.

He was a compass in his head. I was given instructions by the phone: “Drive along the street.” Yes, where is the west? Or should I look for it? There is a geographic base among the West Coast, they reciprocate.

How much gas does your car use? Simple question. You can’t fall asleep again. What about 30 mpg? I’m counting the numbers of the calculator, then I’m counting the numbers.

But this is not the end of madness, because I need a hundred kilometers! If you’re on your own While I’m counting, it’s embarrassing to everyone.

One person who lived in the seventeenth century Hell was it salt? His last name was Fahrenheit. Fahrenheit was lucky enough to die a long time ago. Reinforced bars. Then he burned his house and danced on the ashes. According to my opinion, the transfer of the Fahrenheit to Celsius.

It’s a substitute for you and I’m getting one. It is easy to keep it. From 15 degrees Fahrenheit, I subtract thirty and get minus 15 They say they should also be divided into two. Seven and a half degrees of frost? Oteb @ es, finally.

And all the British. They are like a “poppy seed”. Poppy seed – a length of the barley grain, which is also the length. Is there a line, a finger, a finger, a hand, and a nail? It was written there that the poppy seed is about a quarter of barley. How is it about?

There was a lot of interesting things there. For example, you can plow in a year. The size of the ox is that it can be measured. It was probably not the same spherical wave in a vacuum.

In 1824, the “English” units were converted to “imperial”. In the middle of the nineteenth century. As far as I can tell, they have become entangled, and they finally became entangled. A pound came out at a kilogram, and a ton – about two thousand pounds. People clearly did not have enough holiday. It makes it possible to make life perfectly.

The British came up with left-hand traffic. List of countries remained from developed countries. Pirate novels by Raphael Sabatini. From it, I learned about the island of Montserrat.

Swedes! – but they are not the proud Brit. Today is our twenty-first century. People invented space, plastic surgery and Nicki Minaj. However, United Kingdom are still calculated in barley grains. It blows from this some thousand-ton Anglo-Saxon stubbornness.

I can understand the sea units. Most of us encounter the sea only while riding a pedal catamaran in a city park. It was not easy for a few months. How much is the distance of the trees? In Venichka Yerofeyev in the play “Commander’s Steps”, for patients.

Of course, all this knowledge has been imprinted in man for years, turning into instincts. Translates in their minds; There are 12 pounds of beer, and there is 12 pounds of beer.

It’s not a lot of fun and a lot of people to play around.

Psychoanalysts often say in movies. I have no choice but to make the most of my use: it trains my brain, aliens Alzheimer. Everything else is nothing more than prejudice.
We are warm at twenty degrees, Americans are at seventy. Nothing special.

(c) Kolya Sulima

For those who have recently moved to the USA&# 8230;

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