Forbidden weapons

As soon as a weapon appeared, some tried to prohibit. Homer spoke disapprovingly of the bow, the weapon of the cowards. Pope unsuccessfully forbade crossbow. It was thoroughly approached.

Dum-dum bullets

They are also known as expatriates, unfolding, and they have been known as exporters.

It is a flower that causes a lot of wounds. In the early 1890s, Dumdum’s bullets appeared banned by the Russian Emperor Nicholas II.

The ban is the “cruelty” of these ammunition.

It is up to you to find out how to make it.

Chemical weapon

Primitive chemical weapons from improvised used in ancient Greece. However, despite the deadliness of his actions, chemical weapons showed low efficiency. In 1928, in Geneva, a protocol was issued.

The aggressors used to be a stricbornly defended fortifications and quotes where partisans hid.

Chemical weapons were also used later: in the Vietnam War (1964–1973) both sides used it (1980–1988).
The poisonous substances were banned in 1997, when it came to force. It is expected that the complete destruction of chemical weapons is expected by 2017-19-19. It is not necessary to disdain to use it.


The Greek fire is a combustible mixture invented by Byzantines in the VII century. “Greek fire” burned even on the surface of the water.
It was during the Second World War that was invented in the USA in 1942 and was especially widely accepted during the Vietnam War. Napalm used other countries: Israel, Iraq, Argentina.
Since the napalm spreads uncontrollably, civilians often suffered from it. And in 1980, the UN adopted the “Protocol on the prohibition or restriction of the use of incendiary weapons”.

Anti-personnel mines

According to statistics, mines. There were, however, exceptions: in the Korean War (1950-1953) 40%, and in the Vietnam War – 60-70%.
It would be impossible to force mines.
After all the rest, the civilians continue to be undermined. In 1997, there was a sign on Ottawa. However, despite the decision of the Ottawa Convention, there is no need for weapons of this type.

Cluster munitions

This can be considered an ordinary hunting shotgun. Canister, and then shrapnel. Bombs filled with hundreds of small bombs. Cluster munitions has become the most effective one.
It’s not all the bombs exploded, really turning into anti-personnel mines. Despite these improvements, these weapons were considered inhuman.

In 2008, it was signed in Dublin. However, this agreement has been signed by the United States, Russia, and China.

Biological weapons

There has been a thrown of death among the defenders. The most famous case of the Genoese fortress in the Crimea in 1346, when it came to the Black Death, spreading, wiped out a third to half of Europe.

It was no more than 700 people from 1940 to 1945 during the Second World War.
This is one of the disadvantages: pathogens are uncontrollable and can not distinguish their own from others. Breaking it free, they will destroy everything living on their way indiscriminately. In addition, they can be difficult to predict. Due to his “double edgedness”, In 1972, it was signed in Geneva.
Do not recognize any conventions. In the 20th century, about ten days of planned and perfect bio-attacks were recorded. Sending letters with anthrax spores in 2001. Climatic weapon

Unlike the weapons described above, these weapons are hypothetical. This is a continent.

However, there were several examples of such changes. In the case of the United States of America, the peace of mind was achieved. Forest communications turned into swamps, enemy communications were disrupted. Balance of animals and plants died. Despite the fact that it’s not a big deal.

It’s not. In 1978, the law entered into force.
Number of states. It can always be that purely for peaceful purposes.

Forbidden weapons

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