Forceful methods of penetrating into your apartment robbers and thieves through the door, prevention and action.

Let’s go from simple to complex. Opening the door to even the most charming stranger, fasten it on a chain. Your apparent physical superiority over the visitor should not be a reason to ignore this rule. Maybe behind the jamb hid three or four of his much more powerful accomplice. 

Forceful methods of penetrating into your apartment robbers and thieves through the door, prevention and action.

The chain mounted on the door must be selected as strong as possible, massive, consisting of welded (and not just bent) links. Both the base of the chain and the groove should not be fastened with screws to the tree, but always with bolts to the door and metal jambs.

to hold the shelves in a raised position. In the open position, it rests against the door with the upper side. And to open the door, just press on it with your foot (see. Figure). A simpler, but no less reliable stopper is a metal pin or bolt stuck in a special sleeve fixed in a hole drilled in the floor. Despite the simplicity of the design, it locks the entrance door quite reliably. In extreme cases, you can stick a pin just into the hole in the floor.

For a while, until the floor boards crumble, such a constipation will withstand blows at the door. The stopper is stronger, the larger the diameter of the used pin and the smaller the gap between the floor and the bottom side of the door being opened. With a large gap, the stopper, at the top of which the door rests, will work like a lever and break the floor boards. In a situation where a burglar breaks into a half-open door, in addition to pre-installed chains and stoppers, any stick, mop or “lazy dog” that has turned up by hand can come in handy. Rested by one, preferably wide, end under the door handle, and the other in a random depression in the floor, they quite reliably keep the door from pressure from the outside. In extreme cases, its lower end can be held by the toe of the foot, pressing on top.

In the complete absence of the necessary tools (and what did you think about before?), You can try to hold the door by substituting a leg tightly pressed to the floor under its lower edge. Although hardly enough for a long time. Sometimes the robbers, taking advantage of the gap between the door and the jamb, try to stick the wire cutters in to bite the chain holding back their pressure. In this case, you must try to slam the door by pulling or pushing someone else’s tool out. If this does not succeed, complicate the task of crackers as much as possible, throwing some clothes on a chain.

to a more armor-piercing iron. It will not protect, so at least it will reduce the lethal force of a bullet. If the strength of the front door is in doubt, try to barricade it. Tear down the wardrobe across the corridor, put the back of the chair slanted obliquely into the handle, in extreme cases throw a pile of things on the floor, preferring those that are heavier and more voluminous.

Guess the time, it works for you, complicate the way for criminals. Then, grabbing the corridor telephone, rush into one of the rooms, preferably one that overlooks a busy street, either has a balcony, or closes with a solid, not glazed, which is easy to break, door. Here again repeat the corridor maneuver. Barricade the door. While the criminals occupy the first line of defense, you will have time to prepare the second. There is more furniture in the room than in the corridor, which means you have more opportunities. Drop the table, drag the bookcase.

At the same time continuously and how. You can make noise more intensively: call for help from neighbors, stomp, knock on walls, or better central heating batteries, knock out a window glass with a chair or some other object. The ringing and falling of things from the windows attract attention. Do not try to explain to passers-by what happened to you, it’s unlikely that you will succeed in stress, shout out “Guard!” And “Help!” Short and understandable to everyone. Best of all, as I wrote above, when you agreed on alarms in advance with your neighbors. Then there will not be a stupid situation when you, to attract attention, smash furniture into the chips, hammer at anything falling on the floor and walls, and the neighbors are indignant at the unethical behavior of the guests who roam around on your living space.

If you suspect that criminals breaking into the apartment threaten not only your property, but also your life, it is permissible to dare to gymnastic-climbing exercises. One hell, even so, at least to perish. Try, taking all precautions, to go down from your balcony to the bottom. And even simpler, grabbing a stool or other weighty piece of furniture from the apartment and bending over the railing, plant windows at the lower tenants. Maybe this will lead them out of a drowsy-contemplative state..

Finally, less sparing criminals are possible ways to protect their property and life. It is better to act without fear of exceeding the limits of the necessary defense. It is better to meet with investigators of the prosecutor’s office many times later to find out the circumstances of the case than once with the morgue workers who determine the cause of your death. When attempting to forcefully enter the apartment, use all your means of protection.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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