Foreign roots of Russian special forces

Relatively, there’s been a little bit more than a couple of new things here,

… Who helped prepare green men

It helped. As usual, it’s about the West and the Banner Armed Forces. Well, let’s try to portray the “correct” version of this article.

It is simply accepted. We have a great and sacred path. ”Without this, it’s nowhere

It is a subordination, Surely we really go purely in our own way? I guess, yes. It is abundantly strewn with a rake. Go ahead and get conclusions.

In fact, any initiative, in most cases, is caused exclusively by a rake. More about the experience. It’s a bit different. tactics and strategy.

Observe it carefully. someone else’s experience. If you’re not sure, you can’t help you minimize your own. It is especially true that you’ve been able to make it.

This approach is an analysis of tactics. A situation (if there is an intelligence) It’s not a problem.

Why am I doing all this? And just to the title of the article:

He helped to find out how to get green men.

I must say, if you are a patriot, do not read further. Take care of your nerves.

In fact, it will be exclusively about Mtr (Forces Special Operations) and their special forcesSenezh“. It’s a long time, we have created a structure that includes special forces, oriented to perform combat missions abroad. In fact, a sort of “Pennant“Soviet period. Or, if you will, it’s a very large area of ​​operation. In fact, you can quote it and say that:

– Russia will not be allowed to interfere in its internal affairs around the world.

This unit is focused on solving a very wide range of tasks. In fact, analogues “Senege“We never had.”Pennant“For a wide range.” Special Forces GRU GSH – pest scouts. It should be noted. “BarrierIt is not clear that there has been a bridging of bodyguards now … it is needed to create legal order without this, nowhere.

So, MtrPennant“, The same”Barrier“The same SPN GRU GSH. It is at least ridiculous. Just look at the same US. Divisions Delta or SEAL Team from a certain moment they were very strongly divided into two directions. Began to engage in stamping “special infantry“And rivet krisov Kimov and other things consumables, and the rivet and Krivorukov).

Wolfhounds wrestling with their feet. We can see the same SAS eg. But for Israel, for example, it was not approved. Canine special forces – Okez. Or Duvdevan – who shoot the Arabs, pretending to be Arabs.

Looking at all this diversity, it becomes clear that the idea itself “SenezhaIt’s not a problem. geopolitics. In fact itself Mtr as a fresh joint command (our response SOCOM) by special operations – a tool, in a sufficiently large volume, copied from the west. What’s bad about it? It is then everything will be fine. In the end, the experience of how Alpha storming the palace of Amin, and Zenith he is heroically defended, he was heroically defended.

All this draws on the need for training fighters extremely broad profile. That is a fusion of versatility and individual training. It has been traditionally SPN fighter to a greater extent than the individual level of weapons and weapons. It’s not. work with a gun and other small weapons.

It is a so-called “nominal” pattern. If you’re having an automaton, you’ll get it, you need to respect the secrecy and secrecy.

Senezh“, Universality of training is necessary. Moreover, universality is not only in terms of domestic types of weapons, but also no foreign ones. After all, different mechanics and different motility. Couple of online internet army AK and AR. The same applies to all other equipment. You have recently come into use? From there Long time and hash been used in droves. That is, abroad.

For the study of materials, This is a normal practice. You can’t get it. It will be incompetent, if you choose it, it will be considered idiots or pests. And this is not entirely true. Especially when it comes to a training center. Spn in gudermes (which in general is called “amusing” in some circles).

The situation is similar. Yes yes i am about favorite tactics. Well, we didn’t have experience in Syria. More precisely was for a long time. Times have been changed, the whole guard has changed. And we have no experience in the new environment. It is a good thing, but it’s a bit different. Where to get the scheme? Where to take action for initial consideration?

What is the general way of adaptation and tactical analysis? For example, it is an evil field commander of the field. Individual entrepreneurs are led to. Suppose they brought him a suitcase with bucks. Yeah. What did it lead to? Moreover, he didn’t have to negotiate about the security of other groups). Suitable / not suitable.

Or, for example, they took and slammed big Bwan. What it led to. It is not clear that there has been a pattern. It was a peace of mind. He said that it was impossible to work.

Or they would not be allowed to go to the territory of the complic complic complic complic.

It is a thin thread and balance that has been developed. I think it is clear. In detail, it’s not the case, and we’re not moved yet. And the same situation is when it comes to local tactical tasks: how to infiltrate, how to carry out the elimination. What to use, how to equip it, who wants to go through and leave. If there is no experience, then where to take it? It is clear that those who have already done this. It doesn’t matter whether it’s successful or not.

It’s easy to make it out. And you can get your own success. It is idiot. A clever man who defeated. Because of the fact that a chain of successful coincidences is defeated, there is a chain of successful errors. This is especially true of the modern spirit of war.hybrid“And in fact – the next stage of implementation network centric concept.

And so it happens in everything logistics, including Information support. This is why it’s not a problem. Who just have more experience in such situations and regions. An experience, as you understand, it’s both positive and useful. In fact, the same Mtr went the way of the Polish GROM (postal players, bahb the second time), who had not always been able to experience their experience. As a result, we have one of the most prepared Spn in Europe, capable of solving a very wide range of tasks.

This is how foreign countries helped us. Gave experience technical means, experience tactical action, experience operational work. The world stage. We’ve been a rake. What we actually do in some situations.

I repeat that it’s not a bad thing. This is not the local jihadists. Analyzed and laid out on the shelves. It doesn’t happen. This is a list of the most important things to do.

P.S. Something like this should not be. I’m just talking about what I’m talking about.

Foreign roots of Russian special forces

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