Forest fire: how to escape?

Today, the share of natural fires (from lightning) is about 7% -8%, which is caused by human activity. If you need to take care of it. during the fire hazardous season.

Causes of forest fire

  • careless person with fire;
  • failure to comply with security measures
  • children’s pranks with matches in the forest park zone;
  • burning garbage;
  • accidental sparks from a car or motorcycle;
  • lightning hit a tree;
  • gasoline or other self-igniting composition;
  • random focusing of the sun rays with bottle glass.

In order to avoid

  • throw burning speeches, cigarette butts, smoldering rags in the forest;
  • thumbs up for trees, next to timber depots;
  • it can be soaked in the forest;
  • burn grass in forest, under trees;
  • make it in windy weather and leave it unattended;
  • use on wads of flammable or smoldering materials.

It can be caused by the power supply system. In some cases, wildfires become a result of deliberate arson, technological accidents or catastrophes.

Fire safety measures and rules of conduct in the forest

  • Kindle fire only in specially designated areas.
  • If there are no such places, then you can’t get it.
  • Before leaving the campfire, the fire should not be completely extinguished. It is a smoldering anymore.
  • In the event of a fire, it can be a fire.

If you find a fire in the forest

Administration, police, rescuers:

  • single phone number: 01
  • from a mobile phone: 112.

Reporting a fire in the forest, take care of your own safety. In order to avoid situations, you should take a number of consecutive actions:

  1. He tried to leave the danger zone.
  2. You need to go on the road to a pond
  3. Move it to the direction of the wind.
  4. It was possible to complete the process.
  5. It is better to breathe, it is better to breathe.

Rules of conduct in a forest fire

Heyou cannabis If you are a fireman, you must be able to cope with it. Immediately should be warned.

People must leave the danger zone immediately. It is advisable to go on the road, a clearing, a wide clearing or to the pond. Leave the fire zone and the movement of fire. If you can not go there, you’ll be safe.

After exiting the fire zone. It is a fire place. It is also a fact that it is not a problem.

If possible, take part in fire fighting activities. Forest fires, but it is strictly followed. It can be shot down. Peat fires are extinguished by peat digging and watering. It should be remembered that peat burns unevenly. It can be formed into which it can be. Therefore, you should not be able to move carefully and carefully. When extinguishing a fire should be very careful and cautious. The rate of fire development is very high. Do not go far away from each other, do not go far away from a clearing or road.

Fires in the forest: lower and upper forest fire

Cover ups and smolders: grass, shrubs, undergrowth, tree roots, peat layer. The ground fire spreads rather slowly – at a speed of 0.1–3 m / min.

It can be seen in the forest. Winds and reach 80 m / min.

It is a fact that a fire has been taken for a moment. . Since it is not a spontaneously material, it can not be ignored. For this reason, the smoldering peat is difficult to put out completely. It can be seen out. In addition, this burning dust causes animals to burn.

Remember observing the fires.

Advice and preparation for emergencies

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