If speak about food in the winter forest, even in the taiga, even in the forest of the middle lane, then you cannot survive. Cloudberries from under the snow, worm bugs and picking berries are nonsense. Nothing we do not dig! It is energetically not profitable! We’ve been finding out more.

Food is also a kind of business: by investing, we must make a profit, or at least go to zero. Otherwise, the business is unprofitable.

The exception is …

Mushrooms growing on trees

1. Winter snow

With mild winters it grows until March.

2. Oyster mushrooms

They generally grow on trees all winter. If they are frozen, they can be cut down with a knife.

3. Tremella orange (scientifically, Tremella mesenterica)

It can be found on deciduous trees. It is quite edible and quite nutritious product. In the heat of the fungus, we use quickly. Fry, boil, add to the broth or roast. But it can be created by hunting and fishing. It is less costly than hunting. Therefore, it’s best to immediately head towards the lake or river.


Fishing is preferable. For this purpose, shovel. In extreme cases, the knife will do. Only gouging a hole with a knife will take much longer. It doesn’t slip out of your hand. It’s necessary to support your weight. First, decide how you will fish.

I would recommend ice fishing seine. This method is described in detail in the special literature.

Done seine in the following way. Long load line If there is no suitable sinker, fill the tin can with sand. No cans – wrap a stone in a piece of cloth. In general, this is not the most difficult. Much harder with fish hooks. Hooks can be made from pieces of wire, pins, sharp bones, or even sharpened knots. Hooks tightly attached along the fishing line.

Now it’s up to bait. Dry berries come together, and even bird feathers will do. The line is laid down. The middle of a small wand. The wand must not slip into the hole. If you are on the top of the wall, you’ll be able to reach the bottom. Ticking away from the hole. The fish pulls the line and the puppies to the polynya. But, since it is not the size of the hole, it doesn’t fall into the water. In this case, it is time to pull out the catch.

The number of hooks is more than 10 in the “poacher” version, with the number of hooks. It is better to have than six people will suffer.

Where did you go, do you want to fish? Ideally, if there is a heat shield.

You must be able to quickly keep your clothes clean.

If your order is necessary, then you will need to clean it.

But back to the hunt. Help! Why? This is a question about the psychiatry. Silks are easy to manufacture, they can be put on a large area. And many hunters simply forget or take away. In such traps, the animals die senselessly and uselessly. This is poaching.

The most effective. Because they are poaching and are considered. I like it It will make it easier for you to find your life.

Silks and traps

It is not necessary to smell it. You can physically handle. Until you are a dream, you can’t dream of catching a boar: it can end very badly. Up to this point, your prey is hares, birds, squirrels and mice. Like this.

It is very difficult to make it. Frost, snow, temperature changes do not contribute to the triggering of complex traps. Your footprints in the snow also give out an installation site. In winter, only snares and primitive traps work.

1. Trap on a squirrel

Such a trap can be made from a 1.5 liter plastic bottle. Cut off the neck. You make long sharp peaks. Now it’s the “funnel” from the bottle, turn it over and insert it into the bottle. Make holes in a circle cut. Sew on fishing line or wire. Put on nuts from cones, mushrooms, etc.

We are debris husk. So, somewhere there is a squirrel hollow. Sheltered the sky. Put a trap in the evening, you check. He added that he wanted to get out of the way.

You can catch “on a stick.” It is a line to make it a bit coiled, and it can be fastened. Stick should lean against the tree where the squirrel lives. In this case, it is not easy to lean. Below, you can put the bait. Squirrel, going down the stick, entangled in the trap, will start to rush and even more tightly tighten the trap.

2. Trap on the bird

The trap. Only the snares are put on a tree branch. A bunch of skin, a lard, or a bunch of rowan it is hungry on the line. It sits on the branch with them. As a result, you get a clump of feathers and some meat. But for a situation of survival, it will do.

3. How to catch mice “on the pot”

Mice – quite edible animals. Moreover, in some countries, dried mice are a delicacy. The main question is how to catch this delicacy. If you have an army bowler, then there will be a trap.

The dog is slightly tilted. At the bottom, put the bait, tied to a thin cord. The sticking of the stopper. The lid of the pot The lid for the handle must be tied to a peg. It is supported on it. The mouse will fall inside the trap.

4. Pouch on a hare

The snare should be made up to 1 mm thick. If you’re on the wire, you’ll be able to get a cable out of it.

Make it a small loop. Then push it to free. Get a loop strangleth. The loop should be about the size of your open five. This trap should not be installed as a tree. There will be at least 20 – 30.

The captured animal must be killed as quickly as possible and painless way. For example, folding his neck. Or cut the jugular vein with a knife. Not humane? Well, it is not necessary to get a bite.

Yes, and more. If you think you have a lot of free time, then you are mistaken. In the winter, there is a lot of trouble. Traps will need to check at least three times a day! Otherwise, it will be harvested by someone else. 20-30 rabbits will fall into 20-30 snares … There will be no such thing. Will be a holiday for you. This is the harsh truth of life.

A few words about the water from the snow

In the winter is snow. And, it would seem to be no problem with water, it should be no problem with water. But there is one “BUT”. The fact is that snow is a distillate. It doesn’t contain water and microelements, which contains both the river and the spring water. Therefore, if you drink the water, then the body begins to desalt. And it is deadly. Part of the salt can be obtained from the blood of animals. Another part – using the ashes of the fire. But still this will not be enough. Therefore, it is better to take care of the needs of washing and cooking, etc.


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