Former missile complex “Cliff” (object 100) in Balaclava

There are many natural, historical and architectural and others. Former military base no. 100 in Balaklava (called simply “Object 100”) – the underground rockets “Cliff”.

Today, it ranks among the popular tourist attractions of Sevastopol. The Rocket Division No. 1 exercised control over the water area of ​​the Black Sea.

In the event of a military threat, the “Object 100” was supposed to be destroyed. The enemy could not strike in the bows of the mountain.

The Cold War – In 1954. It was a project in the midst of the Cold War. Complex distance at 100 km. Balaklava Bay has been made, and it has been additionally reinforced with heat-resistant concrete goods.

Sights of Crimea: Former Rocket Complex “Cliff” (Object 100) in Balaclava

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