Fractures of the bones – symptoms and first aid

“He’s not closed there, but an open break!” – Do you know the difference?

Bone fractures

Fracture is a violation of the law of force, provoked by law.

That is, if it’s a person, it’s not, it’s a fracture. Yes, he complains of pain – and bruises hurt. Yes, the place of the swells – it always swells, remember the bumps in childhood. And hematoma (bruise) still does not say anything. There are absolute symptoms confirming the presence of a fracture:

  • Atypical position of the limb
  • Atypical maneuverability (in a place where there is no joint)
  • Crepitus (very quiet kind of crunch)
  • With an open fracture, the bone fragments are visible in the wound.

That came to open fractures.

Open fractures

Wrinkled skin. This type of fracture is more dangerous because:

  • there is a chance of blood loss;
  • can get into an open wound;
  • the victim may develop pain shock.

Most of the times, the openings, the bottom and the bottom of the bottom. Fractures of the jaws, including those of the open ones and the spinal column, occur more frequently. Fractures are also divided by severity: without offset and with offset fragments, and incomplete: cracks and breaks.

Categorically it is impossible to do:

  • Leave the victim alone
  • Pull and trim the injured limb
  • Put a spinal injury
  • Apply splint without stopping bleeding with open fractures

Make sure:

  • Remove clothing from the victim.
  • Prick something anesthetic, but at least give analginu pill.
  • Carefully inspect the damage, feel the limb. Determine the place of the greatest pain.
  • With an open fracture, stop the bleeding by applying a sterile pressure bandage. Harness is undesirable. If possible, it can be treated with iodine, hydrogen peroxide or a solution of potassium permanganate.
  • To maximize the splint, maximally immobilize the joints (fracture). For immobilization we use available tools – boards, ski poles. We fix the design with a scarf, towels, shirt sleeves.
  • In the case of a necklace, we fix 3 joints – shoulder, elbow and wrist. Cushion of handkerchiefs
  • We transport the patient to the ambulance. Did you forget to call?

Jaw fracture

I will describe separately. It is a following.

  • constant displacement of the proportion of the dentition compared to the other (front-back or bottom-up);
  • jersey of the jaws;
  • the formation of cavities between the teeth;
  • very severe pain;
  • dysfunction of swallowing, speech, breathing;
  • retraction of the language;
  • desensitization of the lower face.

As well as nausea, dizziness, headache. The recommendations are the same. Bandage fix the jaw.

Fruits of the pelvic bones

It is a fact that the main symptom is Legs of a man in a frog pose. In the case of the bones, it can often be damaged by splinters. Therefore, it is needed here.

If the spine is damaged, it’s not damaged.

Now you know. Forewarned is forearmed.

And bless you!.

The medicine

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