Freckles and age spots, prophylaxis, whitening freckles with funds from raw materials of plant and other origin, recipes.

Freckles have a hereditary predisposition. Appear on the open parts of the body (face, neck, shoulders) in the form of small spots from light yellow to brown. Their appearance is promoted by spring sunshine. Freckles last all summer, disappear or turn pale in winter.

Freckles and age spots, prevention, whitening freckles with funds from raw materials of plant and other origin, recipes.

Most often, freckles are found in blondes and appear at the age of 4-5 years old in open areas of the skin. With age, there is a tendency to their reduction or complete disappearance. Soft freckles give the face a certain charm. Girls who try to eliminate them with the use of mercury ointments, far from harmless to the body, mistakenly arrive.

Prevention of the appearance of freckles is very important. Already in late February and early March, it is necessary to protect the skin from sunlight before going out. To do this, rinse the person with tea, then apply one of the sunscreen creams and powder the face with powder of pink or rachel color with the addition of 5-10% quinine or salola. To avoid the appearance of freckles, you also need to wear a wide-brimmed hat and glasses.

Freckles and age spots, prophylaxis, whitening freckles with funds from raw materials of plant and other origin, recipes.

The soft whitening effect is exerted by special creams produced by the perfume industry. They contain fatty substances (lanolin, spermaceti, peach oil) that nourish and soften the skin. As a whitening and cleansing agent, tooth powder with 3% hydrogen peroxide is also used. In winter, freckles fade a little and it is easier to cope with them. For this purpose, cosmetologists recommend the use of creams that have some whitening effect..

Age spots, chloasma.

In addition to freckles, on the skin of the face, more often in women, there are pigment spots of chloasma. They have different sizes and shapes, brownish yellow or brown. In winter they disappear and turn pale, but with the first rays of the sun they become noticeable again. They may be associated with liver, bowel, kidney, or pregnancy..

It is very important to find out the cause of their appearance and treat the underlying disease. Otherwise, getting rid of them is very difficult. At home, you need to use herbal whitening products.

Whitening freckles with products from raw materials of plant and other origin.

If freckles or age spots have already appeared, it is effective to use whitening creams, masks or products made from raw materials of plant and other origin. Freckle whitens well:

Juice of quince, wild strawberry, viburnum, radish, raspberry, red and black currant.
Juice of calendula flowers, parsley leaves.
Lemon juice mixed in equal amounts with potato starch.
Sauerkraut juice.
Wash with birch sap in the morning.
Rubbing the face in the morning and evening with lemon juice mixed in half with boiled water.

In addition, for whitening freckles and age spots, you can use the following recipes from herbal remedies.

Grapefruit juice.

With a cotton swab dipped in grapefruit juice, wipe your face daily with morning spots and age spots..

Decoction from the roots of elecampane high.

1 teaspoon of finely chopped raw material is poured into 200 ml of cold water and insisted for 1 hour. Then put on fire, boil for 30 minutes and filter. Freckles and age spots are smeared with a decoction 2-3 times a day until they disappear.

Melon pulp decoction.

To remove age spots and freckles, you can use a decoction of the pulp of the melon, making lotions or masks. A decoction of white lily flowers with the addition of mustard flour, taken in equal quantities. Effective ointment against freckles.

Lemon juice.

An effective bleaching agent for freckles is a mixture of lemon juice, water and table vinegar, taken in equal quantities. If your skin is dry, you need to add a little glycerin to the mixture. The mixture is used to wipe the face..

Lemon mask.

Lemon slices are applied to age spots and freckles. The skin is pre-lubricated with a greasy cream. Lemon is left on the face for no more than 10 minutes.

Onion juice.

Freckles and age spots on the face discolor well with oily and normal skin and onion juice. To do this, wipe your face in the morning and evening with a cotton swab moistened with onion juice, or cut with a fresh onion. Then grease with sour cream and rinse with warm water after 10 minutes.

Decoction of roots and leaves.

1 teaspoon of powdered raw materials is poured into 200 ml of water, insisted for 1 hour, boiled for 10 minutes. A cotton swab dipped in broth should be wiped with age spots 2 times a day for 2 weeks, preferably before spring days.

Infusion of leaf cuff ordinary.

2 tablespoons of crushed raw material is poured into 500 ml of water. Infusion is used for washing or compresses.

Carrot juice.

If there are a lot of freckles on the face and it is difficult to remove them, they wipe the skin with carrot juice. Peel 2-3 carrots, grind on a fine grater and squeeze the juice. In this case, the face becomes yellowish, and freckles become less noticeable. If you add a few drops of lemon juice to carrot juice, it’s a great way to wipe freckles.

Cucumber mask.

With freckles and age spots, it is recommended to apply thin slices of cucumber to the face. With dry and flaky skin, slices are kept on the face for up to 30 minutes.

Tincture of cucumber peel.

To wipe the face with freckles and age spots, use a tincture of freshly ground cucumber peel. It is poured with vodka and insisted until green. For dry skin, the tincture should be diluted with boiled water and for every 100 ml add 1 tablespoon of glycerin.

Infusion of cucumber peel.

To give whiteness to the skin of the face, as well as from freckles, age spots and tanning, wipe it several times a day with the following composition: 50 g of fresh cucumber peel is filled with 200 ml of room temperature water, infused for 6 hours, then filtered.

Cucumber juice.

It is good to wipe the skin of the face with freckles and age spots with cut cucumber. Letting the juice dry (after 5-10 minutes), wash with warm water.

Dandelion lotion.

Finely chopped stalks of the dandelion are poured with hot water, and when the water has cooled, the infusion is filtered. Face wash in the morning to discolor freckles.

A decoction of the roots and leaves of dandelion.

A good remedy for removing freckles. To get a decoction, 1 tablespoon of raw material is poured into 200 ml of water, boiled for 10 minutes, cooled, then filtered.

Parsley infusion.

A bunch of parsley is finely chopped, poured with 1 liter of boiling water, insist 1-3 hours, filtered. With a cooled infusion, wipe the face with freckles and age spots 1-2 times a day.

Mask of tomatoes.

When freckles appear on the face, you can apply slices of tomato. Before the procedure, the skin should be thoroughly cleaned and a small amount of nourishing cream applied. The mask is removed after 30 minutes, the face is wiped with a cotton swab dipped in cool milk.

Vegetable juice.

1. Effectively works with freckles rubbing a mixture of juice of calendula flowers, lemon and berries of black or red currant, taken in equal proportions.

2. An effective remedy for freckles is to lubricate them in the morning and evening with the juice of calendula leaves, lemon, red currant berries and almond oil, taken in equal proportions. Before going out, rinse your face with tea or horseradish infusion and apply a sunscreen. Otherwise, discoloration of freckles and lightening of age spots will be ineffective..

Pumpkin mask.

Removes age spots and freckles mask from boiled and crushed pieces of pumpkin.

Horseradish juice.

Fresh juice is diluted in equal proportions with water. The resulting liquid is washed and rubbed on the face with freckles.

Based on the book Universal Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants.
Putyrsky I., Prokhorov V.

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