French Foreign Legion – Power for Peace

It was created on March 9, 1831, in accordance with the decree of King Louis-Philippe of Orleans. Then for the first time seven battalions went to conquer Algeria.

It was a scandalous tribute to the French nationals. Territories of North Africa.

Foreign Legion of France in our days

Currently serving in the French Legion 7699 legionnaires, arrivals from 136 countries of the world, not excluding France itself. All legionaries are formed in 11 regiments and are divided by rank, are divided into:

  1. Officers – 413 people
  2. Non-commissioned officers – 1741 people
  3. Privates – 5545 people.

Legionnaires are located geographically, both in France and in France.

it Antilles, New Caledonia, Guiana, Reunion, Mayotte and take it up.

It has been determined that it can be used to ensure that it is a peacekeeping operation.

Nowadays, the regiments of the Legion are deployed in the territories Afghanistan, French Guiana, Ivory Coast, Djibouti and other places, where this is required by the foreign policy of France.

How to get into a foreign legion?

It is necessary to use it. Reception centers for recruits are located in the following cities:

  • Paris, which also includes Lille, Nantes and Strasbourg,
  • Aubagne, which includes Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Perpignan and Toulouse.

These recruitment centers work around the clock and seven days a week.

Requirements and conditions for recruitment to the Legion

Healthy men have a chance to get in France. between the ages of 18 and 40 years old, a valid passport.

If you are still in the Aubagne.

Here it is necessary to go through 3 stages of selection:

1. Medical examination, which includes:

  • The number of missing teeth is no more than 4-6;
  • Medical health conditions, etc.

2. Sports tests:

  • 7 times 20 meters each (Luke-Leger test),
  • Pull-ups on the crossbar – at least 4 times,
  • Climbing the rope with a length of 5 meters
  • Exercises on the press – at least 40 times.

3. Psychotechnical tests, recruitment will be asked.

As a result of the selection, the recruit will be offered five year contract, after signing it is the title of legionnaire.

After the contract, the newly minted legionary is issued “Anonymity” – a document with a name, surname, date and place of birth.

After the year of the service

What is the salary in France?

Foreign players to corporals, inclusive (service period from 2 to 4 years) fully supplied with food, clothing and shelter. Plus, recruits receive a salary of 1043 Euros.

Also, there are 45 working days per year.

Examples of minimum and maximum salaries in the legion

Rank Vysluga Minimum salary Maximum salary *
Legionary 10 months 1205 € 3567 €
Corporal 3 years 1226 € 3626 €
Corporal chef 10 years 1303 € 3939 €
Sergeant 7 years 1351 € 3929 €
Sergeant chef 10 years 1779 € 4186 €
Adjudant 17 years 2007 € 4748 €
Adjudant Chef 21 years old 2078 € 4818 €

It depends on the level of the paratrooper.

In addition, compensation payments are added to surcharges. Three citizens of three years of service. After 15 years of service, legionaries receive a lifetime pension of 1,000 Euro.

Career in the French Legion

It is a great deal of care.

This is not a matter of course.

According to non-commissioned officer, according to statistics

Usually a recruit serves as a legionnaire from 1 to 6 years, while after 2 years of service he can be promoted to Corporal.

After getting a number of years of service, you can get a rank of sergeant. After serving for 3 years in the ranks of the sergeant, you can expect to receive a cheat.

You can be elected to the highest rank in the Legion – Major. This is the main competition.

It has been decided that it has been the time of its trying to get.

Foreign legion of france &# 8212; power for peace

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