Fried, semi-smoked and hard uncooked home-made sausages, cooking features, recipes for cooked, fried and baked home-made sausages.

Experienced gourmets say that fried home-made sausages will have a richer taste if they are not fried in vegetable oil, but in animal fat. Therefore, it is better not to discard the remaining fat after cutting off the excess from the meat, but to melt and save. Homemade sausages fried in lard, melted chicken or goose fat are very tasty.. 

Fried, semi-smoked and hard uncooked home-made sausages, cooking features, recipes for cooked, fried and baked home-made sausages.

Semi-smoked home-made sausages are stored longer than cooked sausages, because they contain less water. This is due to the fact that they are pumped up twice. For the filling of such sausages, usually use bold or fatty beef and pork. So, for a sausage like Krakow you will need 3 kg of beef, 4 kg of semi-fat pork and 3 kg of fatty pork belly.

, moreover, it is necessary to fill it not too tightly, so that when dressing it does not burst. Homemade sausages are suspended for drying in a cool room for 4-5 hours, after which they are transferred to the smokehouse. Smoking lasts 40–50 minutes at a temperature of 60–90 degrees. Then the sausages are again left to dry for 1 hour, after which they are boiled until cooked at a water temperature of 70–80 degrees for 1 hour. Then it is dried again for 3-4 hours and smoked again at a smoke temperature of 35–45 degrees for 16–24 hours. Ready home-made sausages should cool, fade and ripen within 2–4 days.

You can cook half-smoked home-made sausages from one kind of meat. Only beef or pork. For beef sausage, it is better to use not very fatty meat of animals not older than 5 years. Such beef should be pre-salted, then divided into fatty and non-greasy pieces. Grind lean meat twice in a meat grinder with a fine wire rack, add sugar, spices and starch, mix. After that add fatty meat, cut into small pieces with a knife, and mix again so that the fat is evenly distributed.

Otherwise, the technology is no different from that used for sausages with mixed minced meat. For the preparation of pork sausage, 4.5 kg of lean pork, 2 kg of semi-fat pork, 3.5 kg of fat brisket or bacon are used.

Hard uncooked home-made sausages, cooking features.

Solid smoked home-made sausages are a long-term storage product and an exquisite delicacy. So that they fit this description, they should be cooked only in the cold season and raw materials should be selected very carefully. The meat for raw smoked sausages should be taken from not very old low-fat animals. It should be fresh, but aged after cutting 2-3 days. Pork from uncastrated males, thawed meat, salted salted meat in the usual way are not suitable for making such sausages.

The technology for making homemade smoked sausages is quite simple. The meat is cut into pieces of 200-300 g, salted (400 g of salt per 10 kg of meat) and aged at a temperature of 3-4 degrees for 4-5 days. The bacon is crushed into small cubes, almost crumbs, and sprinkled with salt at the rate of 40 g of salt per 1 kg of bacon. Fat is aged in salt in a cold room for 3-5 days. Salted meat is passed through a meat grinder together with chopped ascorbic acid (per 10 kg of beef – 10 g of acid, 10 kg of pork – 5 g of acid), granulated sugar (1 tsp per 10 kg of minced meat), ground black pepper and other spices . Stuffing is thoroughly kneaded and salted salted pork fat is added at the very end..

Stuffed meat is kept in the cold for 2-3 days, so that puff pastry does not exceed 10 cm. For the production of raw smoked sausage, a shell with a diameter of not more than 4.5 cm is taken. If natural guts are used, preferably beef. They are stronger and denser. It is desirable to fill the shell as densely as possible so that no air remains inside. The sticks need to be tied up as tight as possible, with a large number of transverse dressings that contribute to an even greater compaction of the stuffing.

Home-made sausages are hung so that the loaves do not touch each other, and dried in a cool room for 5-10 days, depending on the diameter of the loaves. Then follows the process of cold smoking, which takes place at a smoke temperature of 18–22 degrees for 2–3 days. If the diameter of the loaf is more than 4 cm, then the process may take up to 12 days.

As a result, finished high-quality smoked home-made sausages should be yellowish-brown, and in the context – a beautiful dark red color with gloss. The surface of the sausage loaves should be dry and have a pronounced aroma of smoked meats. Ready-made sausage is difficult to compress. If the sausage is easily squeezed, this is a sign that it is not ready yet.

Even after smoking, it is impossible to eat sausage immediately. She must mature. For this, delicacies are suspended in a cool, dry room and can stand for 26-30 days. During drying, mold may appear in the dressing areas. These areas should be thoroughly washed with salt water, wiped and continue drying. During drying, part of the moisture from the sausage evaporates and it acquires the taste, aroma and color characteristic of the product in the cut, and at the same time the necessary hardness, which contributes to long-term storage.

Cooked, fried and baked homemade sausage recipes.

Recipe for Ukrainian home-made pork sausage with garlic.

1 kg of lean pork, 400 g of fat, 6-7 cloves of garlic, 8 peas of black pepper, 2-3 tsp. salt. Cut the meat and half the fat into small pieces with a side of 5–8 mm, and pass the remaining fat through a meat grinder with a large grill. Add chopped garlic, ground black pepper, salt to the minced meat and mix everything thoroughly. With the resulting meat, fill the intestines or collagen membrane, dress the ends tightly. Suspended intestines for 5-6 hours in a cool room, so that the meat is salted evenly.

After that, put the sausage in a pan with a ring or a spiral, pierce in several places to release air bubbles that have fallen during stuffing, otherwise the intestines may burst when frying. After that, fry the sausage in fat or lard with onion. Also, sausage can be boiled in water with allspice and bay leaves or celery root and onions, and then bake in the oven until golden brown.

Homemade Sausage Recipe with Onion.

1 kg of pork, 300 g of onion, 1 clove of garlic, salt, black pepper, nutmeg, bay leaf to taste. Pass the meat with onion through a meat grinder with a large grill. Onions can be cut into very small cubes. Add the garlic passed through the press and spices chopped in a mortar or coffee grinder, salt and mix thoroughly. Stuff the prepared pig intestines with minced meat, tie the ends tightly with twine. Place the sausage in a pan, prick it in several places with a fork to release air bubbles that have fallen during filling. Put the pan with sausage in the oven and bake on both sides, periodically pouring the juice that stands out. If there is little juice, add some water or dry white wine..

Recipe for Ukrainian home-made pork and beef sausage.

1 kg of pork, 1 kg of beef, 300 g of onion, 2 cloves of garlic, salt, ground black pepper, nutmeg, dried marjoram to taste. Pass the meat with onions through a meat grinder with a large grill or finely chop. Add chopped garlic and spices to the minced meat, salt and mix thoroughly. Then fill the shell with meat, tighten the ends with twine and pierce the sausage with a needle in several places to release the air left there. Place the sausage in a pan and bake in the oven, occasionally turning over and pouring it on the allocated juice.

Cooking recipe.

1 kg of pork or beef (or 700 g of pork and 300 g of beef), 100 g of bacon, 200 g of onion, 3-4 cloves of garlic, ground black pepper, pomegranate seeds or berries of barberry, salt to taste. Cut the meat into small pieces, lard and onion, pass through a meat grinder. Add salt, pepper, crushed garlic to the crushed mass and mix thoroughly, pouring a little cold water or broth. Stuffing should be viscous and uniform.

Then put pomegranate seeds or barberry berries in the minced meat and mix gently so as not to mash them. Fill casings for sausages with the obtained meat, form sausages 20-30 cm long. Tie the ends with twine, and then connect them into rings or “horseshoes”. Boil prepared kupat until ready in water, allow to cool and put in storage in a cold place. In the refrigerator, sausages are stored for no more than 10-12 days. Before use, kupaty need to be fried in a frying pan in a heated lard..

Recipe for Lithuanian Grilled Home-made Sausage.

5 kg of semi-fat pork, 1 kg of fat, 150 g of salt, 1 tsp. ground allspice, 1 tsp. black pepper, 150 g of onion, garlic to taste. Pass the prepared meat through a meat grinder, cut the fat into slices 1×0.5 cm in size. Peel the onion, finely chop and fry until transparent in pork fat. Mix the chopped meat with salt and spices, add lard, onion and, gently mixing, gradually pour water. Received minced meat to fill prepared casings, tie from the ends. In order for the sausages not to burst during roasting, they must first be dipped for 2-3 minutes in boiling water, then dried, roll in flour and fry in the oven or in a covered pan in melted lard.

Pork Sausage Recipe.

3 kg of lean pork, 2 kg of fatty pork, 120 g of salt, 1 tsp. ground allspice, a pinch of grated nutmeg, 450 ml of boiled water at room temperature. Pass the meat twice through a meat grinder with a fine wire rack, mix thoroughly, adding salt and spices and gradually pouring water. Fill the thin porcine intestines with the resulting meat and, twisting in several places, divide into sausages 15–17 cm long. To prevent the intestines from bursting, lower the sausages into boiling water for 30 seconds, then dry and fry on both sides in a frying pan. Pre-sausages can be breaded in a mixture of flour, rye crackers and spices.

Homemade Pork Liver Sausage Recipe.

2.5 kg of pork liver, 2.5 kg of body fat, 90 g of salt, 20 g of ground black pepper, 1-2 tsp. nutmeg. Prepare a liver. Remove bile ducts from it, dip into boiling water and boil until half cooked, then cool to room temperature. Pass the cooled liver together with the internal fat through a meat grinder with a fine grate twice. Knead the resulting mass with your hands until a homogeneous mass is added, adding salt and spices during the mixing process. Stuff the thick beef guts or large-caliber shells with minced meat and tie the loaves with twine at the ends. Cook the sausage for 30-40 minutes in slightly boiling water, and then immediately cool in a bowl of cold water and allow to dry.

Mustard Chicken Sausage Recipe.

2 kg of chicken with boneless legs, 5 cloves of garlic, 150 g of mustard seeds, curry and salt to taste. Skip the skin and fat from the legs through a meat grinder with a fine lattice, and meat with large. Combine meat, fat, salt, spices and chopped garlic. Forcemeat to put in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours. Fill the casings with minced meat, twisting or using sausage 25 cm long with twine. Place sausages in a baking dish, pierce with a fork in several places and bake in the oven until cooked, periodically pouring with the allocated juice, broth or white dry wine..

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