Frostbite on the face – signs, protection and means of frostbite

It is winter, snowy, quiet and frosty evenings. And at the same time, the threat of frostbite of the face became relevant. It seems to many that the threat is far-fetched: what a frostbite in the city, in our warm winters. However, in fact, it is possible to face this even at temperatures that are ridiculous, in general, – 10 degrees. So problems with frostbite can occur in anyone.

  • Signs of frostbite
  • 2Degree of frostbite of the skin
  • 3First aid in frostbite of the face
  • 4Which frostbite can not be done categorically
  • 5Treatment of frostbite on the face of folk remedies
  • 6Drug treatment of frostbite
  • 7Prevention of frostbite

Signs of frostbite

Pallor and burning on faceUsually, our body is hidden by clothes, we hide our hands in gloves and mittens, but leave the face — the most delicate and sensitive part of the body — uncovered. That is why face frostbite is the most frequent form of frostbite that people encounter.

But the appearance is important for most people, even if they themselves do not recognize this. Well, who wants to go with scars and scars on his face? That is why it is so important to know the symptoms of frostbite on the face.

However, they are mostly familiar to us.

  • burning and itching;
  • pallor of the skin;
  • loss of sensation;
  • pain when thawing;
  • Serious damage may result in blistering.

The degree of frostbite of the skin

Fourth stage frostbiteAny lesion has varying degrees. Frostbite is no exception. Total divided into four degrees of frostbite.

The frostbite of the face begins with a slight tingling or itching. Already this symptom should alert and induce to go into the room at least for a few minutes to warm up. Following the skin at the site of frostbite begins to fade. This is due to the fact that when the temperature drops, the blood vessels constrict, the blood stops flowing to the upper layers of the skin. After warming, by the way, the opposite. The skin becomes pink or even red. This is due to a surge of blood.

In the second stage, the poverty of the skin increases, it begins to lose sensitivity from hypothermia, it becomes hard. After warming up, small blisters may appear with a clear liquid inside.

In the third stage, the skin cells begin to die off. This is clearly visible when warming up. At this stage, blisters also appear, but no longer transparent, but bloody.

The fourth stage – a deep defeat, necrosis. And not only soft tissues, but also bones.

That is why it is very important to track even the very first signs of frostbite on the face and immediately take action.

First aid for frostbite

Warm tea with frostbiteWhat should be done with frostbite of the face? If you or your relatives have already frost the face, then you need to warm the victim. Moreover, the heating should occur from the inside, gradually. Otherwise, blood vessels may burst from the sudden surge of blood.

In order to warm up, you must, firstly, get into a warm room and wrap yourself up warmerly. Secondly, drink something hot tea, warm milk, decoctions of herbs.

When a person warms up a little, blood will flow to the skin, you can continue the warming procedures with warm compresses to the damaged areas. The temperature of compresses should not exceed 39 degrees. This and limited first aid for frostbite of the face.

What during frostbite can not be done categorically

There are several myths that are densely seated in the minds of the majority, and which can only aggravate the situation.

So, it is believed that during frostbite, you should immediately rub face with snow. However, it is absolutely impossible to do this. Moreover, you can not even just rub the affected areas. This is a very traumatic procedure. Including because accelerates a rush of blood to the narrowed vessels. Reheating should proceed at a natural rate.

For the same reason, you can not drink coffee, energy and alcohol. They also dilate blood vessels. You can not hug your face with hot water or make hot compresses. Also, do not grease frostbitten areas of fat. It clogs the pores and prevents air from penetrating the skin.

Treatment of frostbite face folk remedies

Chamomile decoctionFrostbite of the first degree can be treated at home with folk remedies. For this widely used various compresses. The most popular are chamomile or calendula compresses.

To make a compress, you first need to make a decoction: a tablespoon of healing herbs is poured with a glass of boiling water and boiled for a few minutes. Then cooled to a temperature of 39 degrees, moistened with gauze broth and gently impose on frost-bitten skin for half an hour. To be sure, the compress can be covered with plastic wrap and a thick layer of cotton wool.

You can also soak gauze in the juice of medicinal plants: potatoes, aloe, plantain or cabbage. After compresses need to grease the skin with a fat cream against frostbite of the face.

The basis of the compress can be boric or acetic acid. It is important to respect the proportions. For boric acid, this is a teaspoon per cup of hot water, for vinegar – a tablespoon per liter of water. Further actions, as in the previous paragraph.

Despite the fact that immediately after frostbite on the face it is impossible to lubricate the skin with fat, in the process of rehabilitation goose fat or lard can be a good help. They smear the skin and leave for 15 minutes.

The first stage of frostbite with timely and proper treatment takes place in 5 days.

Drug treatment of frostbite

Vtoru, the third and, moreover, the fourth stage of frostbite are treated only with medicaments for frostbite of the face and only under the supervision of a physician.

The treatment of frostbite is reduced to several measures:

  • pain relief;
  • improvement of blood circulation in the affected tissues;
  • restoration of affected tissues.

Therefore, physicians are required to prescribe painkillers. As a rule, analgin or nosh; heart drops, like Corvalol; ointments and creams for frostbite. Regenerating agents; multivitamin complexes, and in the event of suppuration – antibiotics. All medicines are taken as prescribed by the attending physician.

In case of deep skin lesions, ointments and creams may not cope with the recovery. In this case, scars and scars will remain, which can only be removed with the help of plastic surgery.

Preventing frostbite

However, it is best not to face the frostbite of the face. And for this you need to engage in prevention. The main condition is simply to remember that our skin is not adapted for a long stay in the cold without additional protection.

In winter, it is very important to monitor the weather and dress accordingly. At temperatures below – 10 degrees, the skin should be lubricated with a fat cream – this is an excellent protection against frostbite.

When caring for your face, it is also better to use oily substances, including masks. But the mask film is better to leave for summer time, as they tighten and dry the skin.

If the temperature drops very low, be sure to cover your face with a scarf and try not to be outdoors for too long. Whenever possible, it is better to go into the room to warm up.

It is important to closely monitor their condition. When you feel the first signs of frostbite, you need to urgently check the condition of the skin: for the presence of pale areas and deterioration of sensitivity. If there is someone from the familiar, you can ask them to look at the face, otherwise you need to use a mirror.

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