Fundamentals of survival in a blockade city

What is the key to effective survival? It seems to me – in timeliness. That is, everything must be done on time. If you are going to go there, you will be bravely. Because prevention requires much less effort than working on bugs.

Therefore, I will never understand why people remain survive in blockade cities. I do not understand – even kill. Does the fear of the hypothetical unknown? It is possible to make it possible to make it possible to make it clear from the outside. Yes. It’s not easy, but it’s not so easy. It is a very negative effect on the psyche and well-being. Where do you go? But if you decide to stay survive in the besieged city, then you really need advice. So.

Personal safety

That “valiant defenders”, that “bloody aggressors” are very nervous people. Therefore, it is possible to avoid these two groups as much as possible. It is taken for a distance from the distance for military uniform. Do not carry it away again, do not look around again. If you do not hang signs “PRESS”. You are extremely busy personal survival in the blockade city, don’t have any danger or interest.


The apartment is not your pleasure, since our apartments are not intended for defense. Moreover, it’s a great time to get into the mass grave. The ideal option would be a reinforced basement. In the country houses, there are. Although it is not a small cellar for themselves. Waiting for shelling or bombing If the house does collapse. There is no need for an emergency exit.

Remote refuge

Some would like to equip a bit, so far away from the fighting, and move there as needed. I wonder how they rush under cover from cover to cover. It will not always be possible to take a look at it. And then again, if you’ve been dumped out of town, then


Extreme important point survival in the besieged city – food and water supplies. Water supply works on a case-by-case basis; stores work in the same way. Therefore, in the most inappropriate moment, it is possible to ensure that there is a long shelf life. Nothing perishable, as electricity will be chopped off regularly. Anything difficult to prepare – not always succeed either. So a portable gas or gasoline burner is a great idea. Medications and first aid. If you can get it in time.

Conduct during the fighting

Do not come up in any case. Do not try to get a curtain. Stay away from the windows as anyone canceled the stray bullets. There is no windows and there is a wait. Or immediately go down to the basement. If you’re in the middle of a circle, you’ll be able to follow your orders. Remember, you are a civilian. Let them come in, check, make sure they’re a little panicked family. Take out into the yard and shoot. Oh yeah, you can’t get to know as much as possible. Do not attract attention to yourself – this is the main principle survival in the besieged city.

It has been a country that has been a country where it has been living. And I have been able to go out through the relatives.

Fundamentals of survival in a blockade city

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