Funny, but true characteristics of different types of troops


The main feature – insolence.

“The main thing is to get involved in a fight, but we’ll see.” An individualist, though not overly, you’ve got it. He sets up the equipment for a group of people who wants to go. spice of the province of spirits and the spirits of the province.

Motorized rifleman

The main feature – thoroughness.

Marines dislikes and considers upstarts, rightly believing that it’s not. Motor rifle truth is organization, coordination and interaction. And here the paratroopers are not envying – neither such all-destructive artillery power, nor unmovable tank foreheads is supposed to be them. Collectivist. Not like a sailor, but rather.


The main feature is prudence.

He was able to complete his work with his colleagues.


The main feature is slowness (not to be confused with slowness).

The situation, instantly accelerates. Also a collectivist, but on his mind.


The main feature is curiosity.

He doesn’t understand what he wants to talk about. All the groundworkers are deeply jealous of him, and generally don’t like him, although they’re not very much useful.

Anti-aircraft gunner

The main feature is harm.

It was the circulating performers and stuntmen. It is not necessary to use it.


The main feature is restlessness.

He also wants you to travel, he can help you.


The main feature – perseverance.

Fatalist, which is not surprising. Often drinks tea with cookies.


The main feature is laziness.

She loves new equipment, but periodically demonstratively … or from the heart – who will understand him? – nostalgic for spark stations.


The main feature is friendliness.

Possesses secret knowledge in the field of digging, burying, blasting, mining, etc. If it’s a minefield for the tanker and the motorized infantry is: It means that it creates a magic.

It differs from a motorized infant. Although if necessary, can plow all who catch. Holy honors Safety Technique. It is mistaken only once in a life.


The main feature is drinking tea, in detail, with scope and understanding. With ceremony and thoughtful.

The main difference between all the cattle and the cattle is that of the aquarium and the allegorical phenomenon.

It is not strange, it falls between prostration, drinking tea and sharing fables. Technical progress, isotericism, religion, but not possible. Books less than 2000 pages – superficial. Therefore, it is often lost in supermarkets.

A bit of humor: Characteristics of different types of troops

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