G36 has serious disadvantages

In Germany, the battles of the Bundeswehr army. In a nutshell, then whole system g36 It is not a flammable fire and reliability.

Ministry of Defense, after several months of testing. Let’s look at the most problems:

Overheating during continuous fire

It is a constructive flaw that doesn’t depend on the type of ammunition.

Ambient temperature

In the temperature range of 15 to 45 degrees,


The G36 system turned out to be sensitive to environmental problems, but less pronounced.

Solar radiation

With its lateral heating, it leads to deformations.


The G36 range used is within 35% of cases. Even the use of high-quality stores does not solve the problem.

In the German army, there was a scandal, because last year it was stated that the system G36 see also for them. Quite a few weapons experts are surprised by the test results.

Assault rifle G36 has been in service with the German army since 1996, G36 One of the most reliable assault rifles in the world.

From here on, it would be very interesting to find out.


A little later h&These tests.

it makes it not true. The G36 – MG36 participated in the tests; therefore, it was not worth loudly stating that the G36 platform had flaws. That’s it.

UPD # 2

HK 433: The New Assault rifle of the German army.
However, by the standards of the army, 2 years is “very fast” …


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