Gabe Suarez: Armed Citizen Equipment and Tactics

Police and special forces. This is our equipment and tactics of action. I will not always write briefly and briefly.

Equipment and tactics

  1. Hidden wearing a gun “at the appendix” (Appendix Carry) – the most imperceptible to others wearing. It is conveniently and quickly removed. It doesn’t need to be approached. There is a chance that you can keep your gun there. Leave aside, even the most hectic. I myself have done this repeatedly.
  2. Semi automatic shotgun – undoubtedly a better choice than a pump (hell, someone else uses city phones?). Rifle or carbine much preferable to a gun. Collimator shotgun and rifle significantly increase your accuracy and speed. Glock – the gun that just makes your life easier. Is it difficult to understand these simple truths?
  3. There are not many patrons. The bigger, the better. The bullets run out. What is fast reloading? And yes, no one has died from too much ammunition. 9mm ammunition caliber. However, a 32 gauge is better in a safe than a 45 gauge.
  4. Holster – If you use it, then there is nothing better than a holster from kaydeksa.
  5. Always carry extra stores for a pistol …. It is important. Learn to recharge quickly and clearly get a knife.
  6. Self defense with a knife… defending – cut, inflicting injections – counterattack, viciously and aggressively. Do you want to win the fight? Beat the enemy
  7. The guy gets down.. Your opponent is an idiot. Maybe even dance in front of him? In short, listen to such “experts”. If there is a need to shoot – be silent and shoot. If, say, the law is obliged you to shout “I will shoot!” Before shooting, then you can give a chance to bad guys.
  8. You shouldn’t try to “survive the shootout”. It’s a rule of thumb, “Forget about the survival” and “Forwarding.”
  9. Do not skimp on the shots. If you are shot down. If you are not going to be greedy with ammunition. He will die? In this case in court. Too cruel and inhuman? If you are going to carry a gun.
  10. Train readiness. It is the same as the combining of the bristles. No matter how fast it is important. It is happening. Glock, directed to his nose.

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