Gabe Suarez: Be a Gray Man by Setting

As I often heargray man“…

Usually people in such conversations nod and begin to look at each other. But let me have something very important right away:

I haven’t been a life and I’ve been able to read.

I believe that the concept of “dullness” is relative. Regarding the situation, location, tasks. But he globally merges in relation to the quality of life. It is worth remembering that it has been for years.

It is not clear for life and no crime. Such unpleasant encounters. Agree – lions live a more interesting life than chameleons.

Ambience, location and tasks

When I traveled to third world countries, I dressed and behaved like a local. I was always interested in arms. I did the same thing when I worked in the police surveillance. Indiscriminacy was not a beast. “

It is not a matter of citizens or criminals. So, it will be a similar life.

This is not freedom.

“Because there are no people in the world.” This look is also a mess.

It’s not a problem. But if you’re a CIA operative in arabic enclave isn’t an option.

If I’m Not Alone, I’m Not Alive

I like expensive clothes and watches. Because I can afford it. However, despite this, I’m sure that I’m not so happy. But if need be gray man I’m not sure if I’m thinking about what I’m not thinking about.

Enjoy life. Just do it wisely.

P.S. If you’re trying to make it possible to follow it. I’m not always living in fear and power. He sees his neckline and he sees it.

Lions do not eat lions. They are bypassing a gray gazelle.

Gabriel suarez

Mr. Translator’s comment: Of course, we will wait. Suarez. It is hoped that it will not be able to touch the animal.

Much more interesting will be the conversation directly about human society. For example, if it is individuality, it is much more difficult to hide than it seems. For example, the approach of the gray loses in his life. For example, it will be striking for children.

He is a Wolf Ops.

Own security

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