Gabe Suarez: Combat Shotgun – Role and Application

For hundreds of years, the world of shooting. Combat shotgun (combat shotgun)

A shotgun is, in fact, an American weapon. It has been shown for rifle goals.

Understanding this, you know how to handle it perfectly. However, in our time, many combat shotgun play new roles.

However, it is a shotgun into a carbine. It is simply not necessary to become a weapon for example.

This is a scrambling pattern.

When considering the concept of using a shotgun, many fall prey to the so-called. “The law of the tool” (“Golden hammer syndrome”, “Maslow’s hammer”

The shooter is accustomed to the rifle, will be taken accordingly. It was not a problem. Although it is most often contemplated, it is possible to observe that it is in short distances. But it’s not a work.

Shotgun is simply not possible. This is a selection of bullet and rifle. However, we remain on the statement that the shotgun is not a rifle.

What is a combat shotgun?

It is a toolkit. It’s like a baseball shot in the face, in comparison with a style shot in the eye.

However, it is not noticeable that tactical shotguns are advertised in gun magazines. Hell

Bill Jordan (William Henry “Bill” Jordan, a famous American law enforcement law enforcement officer) Elwood Askins serial number. From the time of the muskets, it’s a clear understanding of what works best and where.

However, the so-called “progressive revolution” has been shifted to combat beauty. We can’t go away from these concepts, be called the “shotgun doctrine”.

What is the “shotgun doctrine”?

For example, it will be in the seminars and trainings. It would be to see the same thing. The instructor himself has been given a gift.

It would seem to be true, “but it happens. It’s true … Well, it’s time to sum up our conversation about the combat shotgun. If I had to write a “doctrine shotgun” right now, I would say the following:

  • It is a scaffolding and a large number of opponents.
  • A shotgun can be optimized for empowerment, but it shouldn’t have been its original role.

That’s all I say. Not more.

Gabe suarez

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