Gabe Suarez: Freedom of speech, or “how to avoid” sofa “advisers

How to navigate?

We in America have what is called “freedom of speechIt’s not a good idea to express your opinion. in esoteric matters such as cooking chili peppers, for example. However, this doesn’t apply to everything, even if we think the opposite.

Combat training. It’s true that you’ve come to mind. This is a purely theoretical nature.

Truth seekers do? How to separate good techniques from bad ones?

The wheat from the chaff.

It should be noted. If you’re not afraid of it. We’ll have to ask those who have this experience. Sports shooters do not like this approach, either the experience or not.

What is the real power confrontation, full of inconvenience and stress? It will be your choice. Ultimately, you can get a shootout.

It is important to understand it, then it is important to understand it. Ticks that really work.

You cannot overcome your preparation with nature. It has been designed to make it easier for eggs.

Here is a little “litmus paper” for the concepts and training:

1. Admission of a person under stress

It is not a deluxe method.

For example, it is a natural reflex. It helps to reduce natural inclinations.

Thus, it is a natural reaction to the shots than the Weaver stance …

2. Techniques should not be used for manual dexterity.

Shooter superhuman tricks

It is a physical activity. Mildly, very conservative when firing.

3. Methods should be reduced.

For example, if you need to do it, it’s safer.

By applying this concept to a pistol from the bottom of the delay. Or better capture the bolt from above. Which way will be closer to a 100% guarantee? If you need to win a fight

Hey, I’m … Please read the above again. I’m seen so you can’t win, regardless of the circumstances.

4. Methods should be easy to learn and maintain.

There are only 24 hours in the day. Thus, it is not the best choice. That is, it cannot be mediocre methods. If we have fewer tricks.

It was created to impress people. Simple, straight, tough, and in accordance with natural reflexes.

5. Finally, when you are a partner,

… It is a woman who has always been in a state of disrepute.

Uncork the testosterone killing beer. Train you before you sleep. And then train in the worst condition. After a grueling run or weight lifting

And in your best shape … no way. So learn to win even when everything is against you.

Original article – Freedom of Speech
Translation – Rifle Academy

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