Gabe Suarez: Hostile Environment – Action Tactics

Earlier we wrote about the “Gray Man” concept, which makes it possible to effectively develop. It’s a concept and gives you a good idea. It is not a question of whether or not to have a crime rate. So …

This is not the case with the country – approx. LastDayClub). It is addressed to those who are interested. theoretical and literally written with purpose of learning. Now that we have caught the smell of garlic, let’s move on to the meat.

Hostile environment

This is a very controversial opinion, but I (Gabriel suarez, it should be announced. I have cadets around the world, sometimes in very dangerous places. In many of these places, there are no weapons, I’m not sure if I’ve been screaming. There is a lot of danger in the world of terrorism.

Can this information be misused? Everything can be used incorrectly, from beer to baseball bats. Bad guys already know their skills. Damn, what do you think, where did we learn this from? In my own experience.

When you act and carry weapons in a hostile environment

First of all, be inconspicuous, do not stand out. Try to merge with the situation. Do not dress like a Yankee. Avoid brightly chosen natural tones. Also avoid the sloppy look. In general, neat, unshaven grynuli attract gaze. Avoid American-style clothing with flags and slogans. I repeat, you are not watched.

If you have a weapon with you, dress to hide it. You have a weapon. It is clear that there is no doubt that this can be a matter of course. Baseball caps shouting tactics, glock and rifle schools. Do not give a favor – get rid of them! Real operatives are like boys with posters.

A note about weapons. The gun, of course, is a great choice if you have one. If not, get at least a knife. Bring with you, find on the spot. If you can not find a knife, take a screwdriver. The idea is to fight something.

Usually, someone comes in for a thought of pepper spray. It can be said that it is a good choice. “Pindos cut down.”

If you are anxiously, you’re attacking you.

With regard to firearms, there are a number of preferences. Avoid expensive or personalized weapons. Wear it in Mexican style – without holster. Why? If you’re there, you’ll have to see it.

If you’re wearing a pair of gloves. It is interesting to note that it is not necessary to leave it.

For knives, they need to be sharp and not used for everyday work. They are still hidden. I saw guys snapping three hundred dollars a box of cookies. Fools.

The knife should be inexpensive (but not cheap) and easily replaceable. The idea of ​​a possible dumping of weapons must be consolidated before proceeding to the choice of these weapons.

Finally, the above equipment is preparatory work. Schedule a plan and act on it. It’s a little bit different. Be sensible, be inconspicuous, and be prepared. Your hands. No one else will help you.

Gabe Suarez: hostile environment &# 8212; tactics of action. Part 1

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