Gabe Suarez: Hunting a Terrorist

Look at the photo terrorist attack in the theater of bataclan just below. A terrible image, with a sea of ​​blood and a mountain of dead bodies. It was in all the news, and we know all about “who, why, and how.” It comes to your country, near you.

In fact, the American president, and anyone else, gives them – to terrorists – A ticket for flight or travel

Recently, Shepard Smith (well-known in the United States journalist – ed.) Has been sheltered. Dear Shepard, I think.

I have been talking for some years.

  1. Can’t protect you. It is impossible to report them.
  2. There are people united religious political ideology, It’s not. They openly stated that hate you and plan to kill. I really think so too?
  3. It is much easier to use weapon (in particular firearms) than “dirty bombs” or explosives.
  4. And the most important thing is You may be at the epicenter of events. Well, so the stars converge. It’s simple. If you armed, at you have a chance. If you are not so much Therefore, I want to discuss this type of shooting. Hope to get our thoughts on as soon as possible. Today it can happen to you.

Firstly, I can not stress that NON-DEFINITIONAL SHOOTING.

This is an intentional, active murder. the terrorist, it is a good idea.

It is not a secondary task. A lot and dynamically. At the same time producing removing weapons and shots. Less worries about surgical precision or about criminal liability, “damn it, i’m not going to die here … !!!!”

If you were not directly attacked. by terrorists. In this case, we will have noticeable differences.

Proactive situations have two aspects. it shooting skills and will kill. Will you be happy? Of course, but it will not be reactive, caused by stress, pistol training in USA. If you have ever hunted, you will understand the concept.

Position yourself so that you have advantage. Do not allow the animal to see itself. Freeze but internally collapsing … like a spring. Weapons raised … sights aligned, smooth, smooth … descent

So … leave your pocket pistol at home and wear full sized battle pistol With several shopping. Do not pay attention to weapons. For you, you’re an American or Christian. Cruel and aggressive counterattack. If you take a defensive position in this battle, then you will die.

End of communication.

(with) Gabriel suarez

Gabriel Suarez: Hunting a Terrorist

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