Gabe Suarez: keep calm – and shoot in the face

1. Homo sapiens are much bigger and stronger today.

People are now more developed physically than ever in human history. It has been making it possible to make it easier for people to use it. It was found that it was not a long time ago.

2. Use of pharmacology for tactical purposes

The use of pharmacology, both legal and legal, is more frequent than before. It has been shown that there has been a slight decrease in the number of words from berserkers?

3. Increase the amount of armor

Over the past ten years, remedies have undergone many quantitative and qualitative changes – just like weapons. To date, it’s impossible to penetrate it. Armor has always been a part of any battle.

4. After all, it’s not a problem.

Your opponent may be a well-trained mercenary or a terrorist, and it is not necessary to know how to try it. The terrorist organization ISIS (Recall that ISIL, it’s recognized as the Islamic State, it’s an international law) in every Western country. In addition, any quick study terrorist acts It shows that in the most cases, the explosive device can be used.

You have come to only one right decision:

Without a miss

Outside special operations and what happens with the participation of special forces, headshot It is considered as a preventive method. Minds of those who are guided by this method headshot can be done only under such circumstances and nothing else. And even then, this is a seemingly perfect tactical approach.

Well, in spite of the fact that they are not correct,

  1. In cases 2, 3 and 4 described above, preliminary body shots people do not eliminate the threat. Of course, you need to act quickly. They are faster and easier to perform, even at short distances. It’s clear that you’ve been politically correct. shooting in the chest It can be a very stupid mistake, because it can cost you your life.
  2. From point of view shooting in the pelvic region There is no direct contact with your hands or brain. And even more so shot into the pelvic area, even successful will not stop the terrorist before continuing shooting or installing explosives.

Medical explanation: The pelvis is ring-shaped. It is a fact that the pelvic bone is not strong. Break it in two places. In humans, these places are located in the front pockets of jeans. These two places are much smaller than the area affected by the brain. So supporters shot in the pelvic region Where are you going? In addition, such shots, even when it is effective, will not be allowed. This is a completely meaningless idea.

Conclusion? The simplest – shoot them in the face

Headshot shot prevent I am even with a 40 caliber cartridge. Just imagine such a picture. Naturally, a person will need even less.

We have developed our position.

  • In the most successful case, you need shoot between the eyes. A professional shooter, can make such shots from a distance of 3-4.5 meters. Distance to brain the terrorist runs just around the eyes. If you are aiming for the tear duct.
  • The eyebrow and the mustache, the inner corner of the eye. It is a straight line to the brain. Here the affected area is much larger than the claimed pelvic area.

The result of the shot is a weak paralysis.

This is the result of a bullet point on the face. the terrorist. When the bullet penetrates, it infects the medulla, causing weak paralysis. The muscle is contracted out. trigger hook or not to detonate an explosive device.

So our main goal is head. The points described above. This is not a common sense, because But still, let’s consider other results when headshot in more detail.

When you hit the head with a metal band A boxer with a punch to the jaw. What is a caliber hit of 9 mm or .40? It shouldn’t be underestimated.

So by and large, lesion area from pharynx or jugular fossa. So, in fact, we’ve got a 20×10 cm “box”.

Imagine it better – take a piece of paper and fold it in half. That’s all. It can be a lot easier to get people in this regard.

So, girls and boys, practice face shots, It is your desire to make it possible to make it possible to make it possible for you to make it up. It’s not just the right decision at the moment.

Next time we wounded by you. What needs to be done after you hurt him? It is incredibly easy to make. the terrorist, improvised explosive device.

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Gabe Suarez: keep calm – and shoot in the face

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