Gabe Suarez: Neutralizing a suicide bomber

Neutralizing the “active shooter” is a simple matter. It takes only desire, the presence of weapons and shooting skills. That’s all. It is clear what is happening. Moreover, we may have some time for reflection, while still a shooter.

In essence, this will be a reaction to a clear threat. It became apparent? Even before the shooter took out a weapon. What information do we need for this?

Of course, if you’re looking for something like that, you’re really outlined. Any sane person will understand this.

What is the case suicide bomber? There will be no “getting weapons”, “firing discoveries”, nothing so obvious. In case of attack suicide bomber, you either deliver a preemptive strike, or you are a corpse. It may be necessary to get there.

In the United States, suicide bombers Almost always carried out successful attacks. The problem is that man with a weapon It is understandable. If he opened fire, destroy him. What to do with potential suicide bombers? Often, he is up to something. It breaks the habitual habits and habits of society.

What does it mean? IED? It sounds crazy, but not for those who were killed by a suicide bomber.

Now a couple of clarifications. Without hysteria and panic. It’s not always a problem. However, unsuitable weather clothing, one of the suspicious factors. If you’re a little bit different, you can’t make up your mind. Death penaltyactive shooter“.

Common signs of a suicide bomber

  • Bulky clothing.
  • Hands hidden button (detonator bomb).
  • It is a chemical agent.
  • The bomber is too focused. Orders from the police.
  • Heavy luggage or backpack that does not fit the situation. The average weight of the bomb is about 10 kilograms, therefore terrorist bombers, not suicide bombers carry bombs in luggage.
  • Nervousness, quietly under his breath.
  • Somewhere on the body are visible wires.
  • Attempts to avoid CAT or police.

Be careful.

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