Gabe Suarez: On the Importance of Being Fit

It is not a problem. To which I replied that normal physical form opponent’s face is a completely different thing. And showed two photos. On one – a UFC fighter (Ultimate Fighting Championship – an organization that fights according to the rules – editor’s note) Tank Abbott. That this cabinet can fight – no one will argue. But he is really fat and doesn’t fit into the concept ” keep fit“And then I showed a picture of bodybuilder Clarence Bass, who at 75 looks better and healthier than many of us at 25.

Seriously, if you’re Be as big as possible and calmly crush those who are easier. Sumatori can break a man’s wrist just by taking his punch. (editorial note) But, I am ready to go. I bet that they run such “buns” bad, and they have problems with sex. Well, except with women sumo-women. (Chur me, chur me … – Editor’s note)

This is a really good thing. If you want to take a punch or just be in normal form. And we, of course, do not forget what led to the success.

Normal physical form. It is a cold water problem. Put those people in a situation of survival and see those who were in good shape. A fragile and weak, will die. Maybe even a meal will be.

This fitness allows you to avoid deep specialization. The heavyweight fighter and the obese sumatori are in perfect physical form, But they are too specialized. It is true for skinny marathon runners. But this is another extreme.

One who is in normal physical form, Must be able to cover average distances – 3, 5, 7 or even 10 miles. It is not a problem. There are several ways to go. An backpacker with backpack and baggage. Good luck with that.

One who is in normal form, must lift heavy weights Weightlifting is a good indicator in this case. It is a strong man. You don’t Personally, I was first focused on the press, and then switched to others. 170 pounds (115 kg), 340 pounds (154 kg).

If you are a baby, you will need to get a pumped card. And, yes, to spit on all technical issues, because, as inosanto said, “You can’t stand against nature.” With equal combat skills, wins the current. who is in more good physical condition.

One who is in normal form, It’s not a problem. After all, it was not a problem. No problem. You should be able to work your muscles not only quickly, but can also be anaerobically, without consequences such as sprains or heart problems.

One who is in normal form, should and look accordingly. Smell it Or pretend that it is. I’m not accidentally confronted with Jabba Hutt (Star Wars character – editor’s note)

And everything – you stand out from the gray mass. Potential aggressors are a bit awesome. I’ll pass by. It will be a bit easier, some kind of fat one. With good physical form life becomes easier. This is what causes a certain respect. One that will never get wimps and puffy.

It is not a problem. I’ve been taking care of what’s going on then Gentlemen, don’t talk about it, but normal physical form – an extra trump card in relations with women. Of course, if they watch themselves too.

There is a sign of a modern, soft, “domesticated” person. Of course, something will still be determined by genetics, but something doesn’t depend on it very much. And sometimes I worry about sumo sufferers – how long can these assholes live in this mode?

There are many aspects to keeping fit my friends. But the main thing is the self-discipline. Look at the harsh Sumoist. George Pierre (also a UFC fighter, but really cool – editor’s note)? And on a marathon runner dried up like a fish? And if he had the bolt (?), Was it?

Normal physical form is, sometimes, an end in itself. If you’re coming back, then you’ll get it.

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