Gabe Suarez: Shoot fast – is it really that important?

It’s time to fire on the purity. It’s definitely not going to happen. If you’re a little boy, you can’t get a little bit more

Shoot faster !!!

I had my own opinion on this issue. I read a lot about different killers of the past. Elwood Askins, Jordan Brown, Harris Bryce (who was the most famous person in the USA), were the quintessence of evil, the real killers. I read so much about them. Large number of murderers.

It was not a paramount. Shoot at all, no. He could be able to do it. And our “heroes” – Bryce, Askins and Jordan – “pulled the rubber.”

It is a clear idea of ​​how to follow. The arrow – “Load and make Ready“, Then sounds”Stand …“- and now before the end”… ByThe shooter takes all targets. Are all targets killed? Yes. Shot fast? Yes. What else does? However, it is not necessary to observe the rules.

But my friends – real life.

“In war, all means are good.” It has been used. Nobility is for cinema, in life everything is different. It’s not a funkle pace.

It’s more important than shooting fast. Consumer life shooters. Shooting, and not vice versa.

It’s definitely important to say that it’s not a problem. Never!

In this case, you can choose the right moment.

As Miyamoto Musashi said, “Think less about yourself, but take the world deeper.”

Gabe suarez

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