Gabe Suarez: Shoot first, then figure it out

It has been shown that it has been shown to

I (G. Suarez, a little-known tactician – comment. Transl.). “What would you do?”. The answers were – well – quite impressive.

This is not a real weapon, ”he said. Make it. I love you in two ways. One side accepts what it sees, draws conclusions on this basis. It is a woman who is looking for any excuses.

Let’s first evaluate what we see in terms of context.

  • Can you tell me a real weapon? I cant Of course, if you’re closer, you’ll become a clearer … but at first glance? not.
  • What is the person involved? I cant be fundamentally changing something. Intentions or apparent motives are based only on what we see here.

Let me remind you, 2017. Who can list how many cases shooting in public places been over the past ten years? They were in abundance. For example, in the Westroad shopping mall (also in Omaha) in 2007 Robert Hawkins shot eight people. Trying to explain it again, it’s a badly educated teenager at a Halloween party. And if this is not a repetition of those events? Before he opened fire?

It is a real weapon or not – dummy. Shocking pretty convincing toys. Moreover, robberies regularly occur with mockups. It is understood that this is a rule.

It’s not. Therefore, at first glance … this is your picture. This is what you see. The body language, manners, actual actions. You will be justified if you shoot him. I discussed this issue supported by my point of view. It can be seen. And in order to study the context, you need analytic and tactical thinking, But it’s not clear.

Well … many will ask, what would you do, Gabe?

The caveat, of course, is who you are with? If you are, you can’t get out of there. The whole stadium is more important than a whole stadium. But I talked about it. I wouldn’t want to live.

Now, having excluded this reservation, we will continue. It’s possible that you can’t leave it alone. After all, we’re more important than self-preservation, isn’t it? Where your child were here alone shooter-psychopath getting ready to start your own business, what do you expect from me? If you are looking at it? It is permissible to you?

Here’s a picture of Robert Hawkins at the Westroads Mall in 2007. Is it just a teenager with a bag?

Here is another shot of Hawkins. Can you say this is a real weapon? Can you name his age? What can you say besides what you see? Is it important important here? You have two seconds to make a decision.

This is where the problem is.

The feeling of fear, perhaps, it is not correct. It is a woman who identifies his life. And there is a predator’s thinking, which we discussed more than once.

It is not subject to fear and doesn’t bring debt to sacrifice. Potential prey. He doesn’t rush rashly. Is a favorable position. It is a woman who has lost his mind. allows this action.

In the picture. It’s not a problem. He can be selected for assessing the person involved.

He can ask himself the questions – “What am I dealing with?”, “What is it?” Along with the questions “What should I take?”, “Where to shoot?”

If you wish, you can or should not lose your advantage.

At a certain stage, the action will be produced, or not. But the predator is not hasty.

The person involved is not involved. Actions include the following:

  1. he makes a shot;
  2. he wants to make it (aims the weapon);
  3. he means that he is going to shoot (“Allah Akbar”, etc.).

It’s not a problem.

  1. For closer inspection, it is a stupid child. But it certainly brings such an outcome. But such a test requires much more than a superficial glance. Always consider to be real. I like to take it up. A teenager with a firearm is as dangerous as an adult.
  2. the person involved.

This is the most important thing about wartime. If you want to see it, you can see it the same day. It is up to you. situation only when the presence of serious prerequisites.

You are stupid.

This is legally permissible murder. You can be wrong in assessing the situation, but still be fully justified in your actions.

Original article – What would you do?

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