Gabe Suarez: Terrorist Attack with a Knife – How to Survive

Each weapon has its own specific scope. There are some advantages. It is logical that the areas often intersect, for example – a knife and a gun. It is unlikely that a shooter is professionally trained. There is no chance against a knife. The shooter is experienced enough. Increase the distance to 6 meters (yes, I also watched this video). If you’re already taken from her holster.

The word “war.” Yes, it is only hidden. He was a couple of weeks ago, in France. So, my friends, it’s your time to wake up and open your eyes.

How to survive when attacking with a knife?

Probably, you often hear this question? So, this is generally a wrong concept. Survive after a plane crash, survive with a serious illness. If you’re fighting, you’re fighting it, you’ll be fighting it. You must be at least symmetrical. And at this moment your mental state is called a “controlled rage,” although it’s not.

However, there are misconceptions about the knife, which can be fatal:

1. A terrorist simply doesn’t know how to handle a knife

This fallacy follows from the assumption of the fool, that is, the criminals, the homeless people, the gopniks. Dregs carry knives – yes, indeed, it is not only knives, sometimes it happens. It will always be carried out professionally. And it is necessary to respond adequately and in full force. No ammo. I’m not happy to see how it’s flies down from the fifth floor.

2. They’ll cut me anyway.

It would be possible to make it out. The same goes for knife fighting. It is not wounded in a fight. The sequence – the more aggressive you are. It will not be possible to get injured or lose.

3. Attack with a knife looks like a movie

When I conduct the trainings, it’s a hand-and-a-bit workout. Our cadets perform rule of 6 meters already two steps away! I wouldn’t be seen until the moment of striking. An assorted space (corridor, hallway, elevator, etc.). In short, you understand …

Solutions against a terrorist attack with a knife

1. Spend time to get hand-to-hand combat skills at a distance of up to 1.5 meters.. I repeat it, you have to practice. But it is not a problem.

2. Must be able to move. In this case, without compromise. It’s not a child’s matinee. It will be your choice. It can be corrected by weight and cant be corrected. If you can move it, you can move it.

3. Think weapons. If you are a woman, you can get out. How to get your weapon? I will not give you advice.

4. For those who have not been a gun, there is no simple and clear solution.. Friends, there is no secret. It is a good idea. You ask – what else can you do? You can’t try to hurt your self-preservation, rather than about attacking you. Will they hurt you? Perhaps … as I said, there is no simple answer.

Knife combat, like any other, is the intersection of probabilities. We understand our enemies for our availability. This is a path to death. Carefully investigate the issue of terrorist terrorism. Decide what you need, begin to acquire skills and knowledge. It will be as it is for you. Our enemies can choose any weapon.

Self defense

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