Gabe Suarez: The Road Of The Shotgun During Civil Unrest

My military weapons for many years shotgun. And I admit that I once had a crush on AK and in M4. At home, near my bed lies Glock pdw with a magazine for 30 rounds. I keep the latter at home for the reason that children live with me and I need, in which case, freedom of action, silence and surgical precision. But I think about the weapon, which would be relevant in the period of any riots. It will definitely be shotgun.

These are the points to consider:

  1. Civil unrest and riots suggest two reactions on your part – to dump, fuck, away, or “lie down on the bottom.” In the first case, the firing range will not play much importance, right? But if you need to defend the house. You ask, what’s the difference? The difference is that when you defend the approaches to your fortress, a rifle or machine gun gives you an advantage, exactly to the moment when the threat gets inside. Here the shotgun begins to rule the ball. So if we put aside the Alamo Scenario, the advantages of a melee weapon will become obvious. Based on this, I will continue.
  2. The small radius of damage in this case is an advantage, and not vice versa. If I’m going to dump it far away, then I’ll take something under the .233 cartridge. Let them then look for someone who shot some gangster from a distance of three miles from the ACU.
  3. At short distances, I want to have guaranteed deadly force without reservation. 12 gauge will provide me that. Even if you do not shoot the enemy in the face (which will be more like decapitation), even if the enemy has light armor, most likely a 12 GA shot with a patron will neutralize it and pierce a light vest.
  4. In the short distance, I want to be able to kill the “two birds with one stone”. When a mob of insurgents bursts through your door, shoot at the mob. I bet that one shot from a shotgun will disable or kill at least two thugs. When it is a question of survival, you will not think about the legality of the use of weapons, your goal will be to neutralize the threat as quickly as possible.
  5. To protect the machine, shotgun is better than rifles. Imagine the situation, you get out of the car with a shotgun or M4. There are a number of insurgents ahead of you who notice you, and they are clearly eager to do something bad to you. In the case of M4, you have to shoot at each gangster separately and deal individually. In the case of a shotgun, you can hide behind the car door and shoot with the 4th number of the shot on the aggressive crowd.
  6. Shooting shot, do not take into account ballistics. This I will leave for your reflection. Shooting shot at short distances, do not take this parameter into account.

In conclusion, I would like to say that there is no universal weapon in the world that would meet all the tasks assigned to it. But I am very glad that the good old fraction is still relevant and true. It’s like the first love, you will never forget it.

Gabriel Suarez


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