Gabe Suarez: The Tactical Role of a Shotgun

The natural choice of shotgun ammunition is a canister. It is a very powerful weapon. It has been a great deal. But it rarely happens at all, not like police ambushes. It can be a question. If these rules are unattainable when using pistols, rifles, rifles, rifles, if you can try.

Again, you almost missed. That’s what the shotgun is for. Could you do the same with bullets?
Not. Do not agree with this statement? Show it, it’s a rifle.

What is important in handling a shotgun?

  1. Understand your weapons and ammunition.
  2. Examine the correct racks.
  3. Examine shooting techniques.
  4. Switching to a gun.
  5. Learn the skill of shooting in melee at 360 degrees. It is important to focus on fast distance circuits.
  6. To study the work with the weapon “point-blank”, including the fight.
  7. Examine shooting in low light.
  8. Learn shooting in motion (and not just shooting).
  9. To not follow up.
  10. You’re not able to reach targets.

Self defense

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