Gabe Suarez: The Truth About The Gunfight

You have heard other steps in the house. Usually, if someone sneaks near you, it’s easy to guess his bad intentions. Realizing this, you take your Glock, and at the same time grab your fashionable tactical flashlight. This undoubtedly adds to your sense of security in low light conditions, because in an article read recently, somewhere on the web, it was said that all gunfights occur in the dark.

You hold Glock with both hands, as in training at the shooting range. This contributes to a steady and steady hold of the pistol, despite the adrenaline rushing in. Not wanting to shoot someone innocent, you turn on the flashlight with your “weak” hand, start moving around the house, and …

… The end of the story – the bad guys noticed the light and discharged the store in your direction. One of the fired bullets hit your head and you died.

Let’s try again?

You have heard other steps in the house. When someone tries to secretly move next to you, you can guess his bad intentions. By understanding this, you take Glock. A lantern stuck at the same time adds to your feelings of self-confidence with a lack of light, because in the article read it was said that all the shootouts occur in the dark.

Your grip on the Glock is with both hands, like on a shooting range, and this contributes to the even holding of the pistol, despite the adrenaline rushing in. But, having gathered family members, you had to lower your supporting hand gun in order to control the movement of your small children. You saw someone’s silhouette in the corridor. Was it someone from the family? You cannot say for sure, and therefore, by removing your index finger from the descent (your other hand is busy with your five-year plan), you turn on the flashlight. You see his snarling face and a flipping gun. And then…

… The end of the story – a bad guy shot, aiming at you in the face, while you identified him as an opponent. One of the fired bullets hit your head and you died.

So let’s talk a little about how to use the light and why it is so important.

  1. The need for highlighting to identify the target It was too inflated by the manufacturers of the lanterns and the responsibility of the instructors. A person who is not a member of your family, whose unexpected silhouette moves through your house in the moonlight … yes it is a gift! It is not necessary to identify it further or to pronounce any words before pressing the trigger. If you have problems with this, then you are putting the life of the enemy over the lives of your family members. And it is cowardly and stupid. Keep the flashlight off, your mouth shut and press the trigger!
  2. We can discuss the choice of weapons for the defense of the house, but if you have non-combatants you are responsible for, such as children or elderly family members, then you will have to push, pull, or physically move them. In my opinion, this requires the use of a gun as one-handed weapon, not carbines and guns. And even if you have enough strength to move through the cleaned room, holding the long-barreled weapon with one hand (surprisingly, many modern Americans cannot), you still have to periodically draw your hand to control the lantern.
  3. It is extremely important to be able to turn the light on and off without removing your finger from the trigger.. It is also extremely important that the light is not always on, unless you are working with others. Absolutely necessary for tactical flashlight are the ability to short turn on and a remote switch that allows you to control the light by pressing your shooting hand.
  4. Light is used very, very rarely.. In a skirmish in open space, maneuvering when moving from shelter to shelter, the shooter seeks to reduce its visibility to a minimum. So, when advancing from behind a cover, to change positions, his partners use overwhelming fire. “I get up – they notice me – I’m going down.” The idea is to appear for a time from 3 to 5 seconds. Applying flashlight in conditions of limited lighting, we do the same. We limit the “light time” to fast switching on of the light, only when it is necessary to inspect the dark area, and only during a short flash. Minimal use of light will keep you alive and well.
  5. Yes, in the real world, people have to aim their guns… CONSTANTLY. The idea of ​​hating the barrel for what you are not going to shoot is a fairy tale. Get rid of such thinking, because hating a weapon on an alleged threat gives this threat an advantage. If he is not a complete idiot, he will take advantage of this and kill you. Simple guidance … even if you touch the descent … does not mean a willingness to shoot. But when you light up someone who is life threatening, be prepared to kill him.
  6. Tactical flashlight is NOT an essential tool for reactive self-defense.. If the bad guy rushes at you in a dark parking lot and the lighting is enough to notice it, you can repel the threat, even without a flashlight. I do not use the flashlight on my pistol for concealed carrying, because I understand this dynamic. All my lights are designed for weapons of proactive missions.

Gabriel Suarez


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