Gabe Suarez: The whole truth about knives

Fred was temporarily imprisoned in the county jail, while his nickel-plated chain was drafted for a special regime prison … perhaps Soledad. He was found guilty violence, constituted murder and similar acts. I’ve only said that I’ve stopped there. While he was behind bars. A few pencils and envelopes.

he lived by the law.

“You grab the sharpening like this,” he said. “You slap him in the face like this … and then you get rid of him. Spread it in guts and eggs. “

He explained how well it works against single opponent… especially if it is bigger than you. Not, no fighting racks, rather a pure trap.

“If you need to do 2-3, grab him like this,” he showed reverse grip. “It’s …

The concept of “protection from the knife.” They will be unarmed with a knife. In reality it is very bad start, here is very difficult. It’s as hard as experienced shooter He pointed weapons at you the gun with you it would not be.

Why do we do this to ourselves? If at the beginning of the battle you think: “Oh damn! Yes nifiga! It looks like I got into real trouble ”- you have already lost. And, unfortunately, this is the point.

Danny after the beating …

Leave off time and stupidity aside. If necessary, “man armed with a knife,” the alignment will change. It is a sombre and cruel look.

Here is a view. If you have to to use a knife in a fight for life, the situation is already very bad. You don’t think about it? Think better about Reginalde denny riots in Los Angeles. If you could give him 2 alternatives for the next couple of years. One would be tough and thorny, for street gangsters trample themselves Or another – Reginald denny, elephant man with darned face and damaged brain, but the law of the soul. What do you think?

Video of the very beating Regnald Denny

Once after one person in Central america Coordinated three lesson. The result was supposed to be predictable. It’s a bit of a mess.

This is the type of ambush of Richard Ramirez’s “Night Wanderer” (serial killer maniac). This is a scrum by oppressive suppression superior level of violence, which is never too much with self-salvation.

I often tell people they need to have ferocity program, If you want to make it, then you will be able to

Later, it looks like nothing happened. This is a skill of emotional control. Explode and hold back. Make it irrelevant. Be predatory and stay calm.

“Theodore Roosevelt”.

A wolf doesn’t need to be moral, or hesit, he kills, he eats, sleeps. And that’s all. There are a lot of male topics. And much is not said out loud.

  1. The knife should always be there with you, even in places where you can not be with a firearm. Make sure you can hide it in no time.
  2. It is unavailable when it comes to your choice, rules, inaccessibility or loss.
  3. It should be noted that the situation is not the same. Learn hard pyryat.
  4. If you are an opponent,
  5. This is a situation where you can keep your mind on the track.
  6. It can be used, it should be simple and instinctive. It is rarely lethal. Cuts and slashing movements can not be seen.
  7. It’s a more complicated way to use it.
  8. It’s a lot of fun.
  9. Fixed blade is preferable to the “skladnik”.
  10. Learn to be furious using a knife.

By gabriel suarez

Gabe Suarez: the whole truth about knives

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