Gabe Suarez: Universal principles of combat

Gabriel suarez – Instructor for shooting training, Suarez International USA Inc. It is a track record in the United States of America. The book “Tactical rifle” was recently translated into Russian.

It’s not a problem. It’s not a problem. shooter as a civilian. , and the military.

For several years, he has been writing short notes for current issues.

Today’s note is philosophical. What is a fight? It was not a lawyer, or a soldier.

Universal principles of combat

In the conduct of the present day. Whatever is in the hands – a stone, a spear or an ax – the principles of battle remain unchanged.

  1. Real fight It doesn’t look like it’s possible. Any fight is in one form or another ambush. Be the ones who are ambush, not the ones who get into them. The idea of ​​a “fair fight” will be “sneaky blows” or “shooting in the back”. This is stupid. Attack first is the advantage. Wait until the other attacks – stupid. Attack first.
  2. If you can not attack first, the need for repel the attacker. This can be done by the target first. For example, before he opens fire. Or you can strike first. But if you can’t have experienced fighter strikes back from the line of attack.
  3. Face to face – unreasonable and destructive occupation, both between people and between animals. There are unconditional reasons why maneuver so highly. Learn to maneuver. Mobility and speed are more important than accuracy. Enter as possible.
  4. After the battle began, the enemy must be destroyed. During the battle there is no room for pity. It is a trait, so develop and cultivate it. An indecisive army will never win a single battle. Is it closely related to such traits? agility, primitive animal aggression and ability to control both of these qualities.
  5. Task is to to win, everything is very simple. The most intelligent tactic, or the most gifted athlete. It is a sporting experience. Understand your ways to achieve it.
  6. In the continuation of the above, honesty in battle. If you want to wrinkle and crush him, use your strength. If he is not ready for this. If you are a man, you will not help him. He who says that it is cowardice, usually says it on the last breath.

Get your opponent in the game. This is the point of the fight for you. If there is a fight or confrontation, it will not solve anything. Understand this and solve the fray in your favor.

Self defense

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