Garbage from waste containers like food, dishes and food from the garbage. Extreme cuisine.

Everyone who saw the 1978 film “Menagerie” will never forget the scene in which James Belushi, a hero-improviser and a passionate admirer of unfinished beer named Bluto Blutarski, eats garbage. 

Garbage from waste containers like food, dishes and food from the garbage. Extreme cuisine.

The film finally made Belushi world famous after many years of work on Saturday Night Live. And as some thought, he could spawn a new fashionable trend on student campuses – food by garbage. That did not happen. Although members of student fraternities are famous for their willingness to participate in everything new, especially shocking. This time they opened another can of beer and said no..

, egg-based products and an unknown snack that can often be found in color blocks. Despite all the precautions, Einer admits that he suffered from attacks of diarrhea at least once a month. This often happens in third world countries, even if there are good restaurants, and only in the “developed” West is this a tragedy. Other “professional” troubles are associated with bees hunting donuts for powdered sugar. With cats who do not like to be prevented from eating (they became especially aggressive when Einer appeared with his dog), and with biting ants.

The author speaks badly of hucksters collecting returnable containers. At the same time, everything is turned upside down and spoiling a lot of completely edible products. Einer admits that by doing barrel diving, he gained weight because he often ate for the future or simply because he could not watch how the food was missing. “I don’t want to paint too romantic a picture for the reader,” warns Einer. This lifestyle has serious flaws. ” However, despite his own warnings, he says that he is impressed by the “sincerity of the image of the sloppy cat”.

“I live what others do not need. I’m a slop cat. I believe that this is a natural and respectable niche, although if I could, of course, I would prefer a comfortable life and maybe – just maybe I would become an economical consumer due to the fact that I recognized in the world of garbage containers ”.

Einer is not the only one; garbage cans are not empty today. In Asia, a significant part of the population “grazes” them. Both in rural areas and in cities. And is there even in the modern world at least one corner where you will not see people swarming around garbage containers. Who is in search of what else can be sold, and who is in search of a piece that can be eaten right there?

It is well known that in Mexico, the Philippines, and elsewhere, literally, mountains of garbage and garbage are home to tens and hundreds of people sorting through these mountains with their hands in attempts to find what can be used, sold, or eaten. Although more and more new shops and housing estates are appearing, which are overgrown with new garbage containers, the widening gap between the rich and the poor can lead to the formation of queues in the garbage dumps. If not to wars for them.

Based on the book Extreme Cuisine.
Jerry Hopkins.

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