Garden of Survivors: Okra

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general information

It was limited to crossword puzzles. “4 letters, oilseed garden culture from Central Africa.” It is not only a purely African plant – it can also be grown. Nevertheless, the thing is very useful.

Okra, or as it is also called: okra, gombo, edible abelmosh and vegetable hibiscus The main interest is unripe fruits and green beans. But the seeds are hard, and the seeds are hard. But you can make something like coffee. That is still rubbish, but why not.

This is a plant that has been harvested, and it doesn’t need to be grown. And also quite quite. The epithet “oilseed” is not just indicated in crosswords. From unripe fruits okra tastes like olive oil. As well as carotene, vitamins C and B, proteins, carbohydrates, potassium salts and many other things.

Due to the high content of mucous substances, okra It is recommended for people suffering from inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It has been a lot of help.


Significant disadvantage okra – the plant is thermophilic. This plant can kill this plant. It can also be used to make it in a temperature controlled room.

As for the soil, okra grows water in the water Sand dough, loam – ideal options. pH should be about 6.0 – 6.5. For the autumn, plus 40 grams of phosphate and potash fertilizers. And just before planting – 15 grams of nitrous.

Seeds are buried no more than three centimeters, in several pieces. The distance between the rows – 70 cm, between individual plants – 40 cm. It should be noted that it should be well lit. Immediately after planting, it is watered abundantly, and after emergence, it is thinned.

Care and cleaning

In the process of growth okra 50 grams per square meter fertilizer (10 grams per square meter), or 10 grams per 10 liters. As for irrigation, it should be carried out only during a long drought. Only for the season is about 10 liters per square meter. Does not tolerate excessive moisture.

As for pests, there is nothing here either. The fact is that we don’t have any specific parasites specifically for this plant. And it is necessary to fight against widespread pests according to the standard scheme.

Since we are interested in exactly unripe fruits okra, If your length exceeds 6 cm. If you do it regularly (once every 2-3 days), then new fruits will be formed continuously. But if at least one of the matures is significantly less. On average, it takes 150 days for planting.

It is difficult to store food, so that it can be eaten (cook, fry, simmer, it can be). But some okra canned – in this form, of course, it can be stored for years. It is also possible that they should be covered with gloves. For the same reason, before cooking okra need to clean.

As you can see, the plant is quite interesting. Of course, it’s possible to overcome. The result is worth it – it is a very long time. So remember about okra, If you decide to grow something more exotic.

Garden of Survivors: Okra

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