Garden of survivors: Plantain Olenogogiy

Yes, damn it. You heard right – exactly plantain. Of course, it’s not true. Namely – increased endurance, resistance to droughts and cooling. But first things first.

Total information

Plantain olenerogiy – A widespread in the Mediterranean, widespread in the Mediterranean, western Asia and Central America. Actually, it was the arose that “the idea of ​​plant to taste?”. As it turned out, it is very tasty. Cabbage and spinach at the same time. Well, it turns out that it contains a large amount of carotene, vitamin C, glycosides, citric acid and dietary fiber. This is a healthy and healthy food. So this plant has become a European and American cuisines. Misticanza.

But there are some disadvantages. For example, in our latitudes, the plant does not hibernate – stupidly freezes. It is quite possible.


Plantain olenerogiy – It is a plant that doesn’t care for the soil. That is, where nothing else grows, it takes root completely. And if you add standard fertilizers in spring and autumn, then in general. It should be remembered that it prefers light subacidic soils such as sandy loam or loam. Again, is not favorable for all habitual plants.

Plantain olenerogiy It is in the middle of April. At the same time, it is quite possible to grow seedlings, which is not terrible. In this case, it is better to start in mid-March.

The following is the distance between the individual plants and the rows of 20 cm. We add out, loosen, add some nitrogenous fertilizers.

Care and Cleaning

It is highly recommended for ripening. In this case, there will be a chance.

As for the care, then everything is as usual. Weed regularly, once a week, but not too much. If there is no natural precipitation, twice a week. You also need to remember that they are dangerous to lettuce or cabbage leaves. So they prepared to fight them using standard techniques.

Three months after planting, you can begin to harvest Plantain deer horn. We are most interested in the flowering period. After it, the leaves become unnecessarily hard. With a sharp knife, or a carefully cut off. As for storage – alas. It can not be stored for a long time, and it is useless to preserve it. So you will have a harvest only before the first autumn frosts. If, of course, you couldn’t be able to build your hydroponic farm in your basement

Garden of survivors: Plantain Olenogogiy

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