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It will affect the climate. It is a lot of ways to make it.

If you’re talking about plants for cold weathering, you’re undeservedly forgotten in Russia. We will talk about turnips.

general information

Currently, most children turnips It’s why I’ve seen it so much. The truth is much more prosaic – most varieties turnips rarely grow more than a kilogram. However, this was not the case for the Russian peasants.

The fact is that turnip It is extremely undemanding to be able to bring up the harvests in a season. And for the peasants. It was not clear that this was the first time that it was taken. turnip called).

Fortunately, about turnips have not forgotten, and now they are slowly reviving it. There are more than 20 different varieties, so that anyone can choose turnips taste. Moreover, the characteristics of the cultivation are weakly dependent on the variety.

There are both proteins and fats – carbohydrates, complex sugars and succinic acid. It is not the best option, so it’s possible to make Nevertheless, PP, C, A, and B of some of the group gives itself to know.


For the neutralization reaction. Perfect loamy and sandy soils. As for fertilizers, 10 grams and potash at 15 grams are preferred. This may be a situation in root crops. It is necessary to fertilize the earth weeks before landing.

Insofar as turnip – When the average air temperature reaches 5 degrees. Sprouts even short term to reduce temperature, so that frost can not be afraid. But at an optimum temperature of 18 degrees, the germination will be faster. This is the end of April. In this case, it will be possible to harvest it. In this case, seed germination will be accelerated.

Planted turnips as follows: in a loosened soil, digging in grooves with a depth of 3 cm every 20 cm. Seeds are poured at 1 cm. Not all of them will be sufficient. It is also possible to sow seeds with “ballast sand”. It is desirable to use it for a couple of days with ashes.


Turnip is quite a demanding for irrigation during the dry meter of planting. Moreover, watering should be carried out 2 times a week. Under this condition, it’s possible to reduce to 15 liters. It should be noted that it should be noted that it should be paid for water. Turned out juicy.

It may happen more seeds grow than expected. Therefore, it will be necessary to thin the beds. To do this, remove all unnecessary. that between individual plants remained 3-5 cm of free space. You shouldn’t forget about the soil weeding and loosening of the soil.

As for the fight against insects, then everything is as usual. It is possible to add that due to the succinic acid turnip much less likely to suffer from fungi and various diseases.


Croperion of ripening for spring sowing is 10 cm in diameter for 10-12 weeks after sowing, depending on the variety. Just need to take turnips it would be much worse stored. Root crops are simply dug with a shovel or pitchfork, trying to avoid mechanical damage. After that collected turnips For spirits, it is to be found that it has been sprinkled with layers of sand. In this form turnip can be stored long and not lost taste and nutritional properties.

As for the characteristics of use, pepu it is recommended to reduce the risk of inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It is also extremely cautious when used. turnips there must be diabetics and persons suffering from urolithiasis.

Garden survivalist: Turnip. New &# 8212; well forgotten old

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