Garmin portable GPS navigators, typical features, audible alarms, external power to portable GPS navigators.

The advantages of Garmin portable satellite GPS navigators, this light weight and size with a wealth of navigation capabilities will satisfy many lovers of hiking and outdoor activities. 

Garmin portable GPS navigators, typical features, audible alarms, external power to portable GPS navigators.

Advantages and disadvantages of portable GPS navigators Garmin.

The traditional assessment of the navigation capabilities of portable GPS navigators is the capacity of the travel log for recording tracks, measured by the number of points, the number of routes and the number of points in each of them. In addition, the user is often interested in the characteristics of the display screen, size and resolution. Garmin’s most advanced handheld GPS navigators have map support in the form of built-in basic and optional additional cartography. To place cartographic information, GPS navigators are equipped with built-in memory or removable memory cards.

Garmin portable GPS navigators, typical features, audible alarms, external power to portable GPS navigators.

On the other hand, many satellite GPS navigators have common characteristics, to a certain extent the same. First of all, we mean that they implement proven modern navigation methods. Navigating a Route route, navigating a back GOTO point and navigating a return route TgasVask.

You should pay attention to the presence of some models of portable GPS navigators Garmin electronic compass and barometric altimeter. The electronic compass of navigators determines the direction even when the navigator is stationary. For GPS-navigators that do not have it, there is no way to correctly determine the direction in case of movement at a speed of less than 2 km / h.

At the same time, all GPS navigators determine the direction of movement by the coordinate change vector if they are moved at a speed of over 2 km / h. This is the so-called GPS compass, in order for it to work, you must move along with the navigator and see the satellites.

According to the current trend, most GPS navigation receivers have 12 parallel channels, which ensures their effective operation in the forest, on city streets and when installed on a vehicle. The waterproof performance of Garmin handheld GPS navigators is generally at the IPX7 level of IEC 529.

As you know, GPS-navigators, like the GPS system as a whole, can be used anywhere in the world. When using a paper map with a grid in conjunction with the navigator, it is necessary to check the coincidence of the coordinate systems of the map and the navigator. The latter typically use the WGS-84 system. If necessary, you can reconfigure the navigator coordinate system.

GPS navigators usually have a calendar for anglers and hunters. It gives a theoretical idea of ​​what time, according to the Americans, at a given latitude it is better to catch and hunt for specific animals. Since you sometimes have to use a GPS-navigator at night, they necessarily provide for backlighting of the screen and display buttons. In some models, it has several levels of adjustment. There is also an image contrast adjustment.

Typical Garmin Handheld GPS Navigation Features.

Coordinate determination time: 15 seconds at a known location (hot start), 45 seconds at an unspecified location (cold start), 5 minutes at initial determination. The accuracy of determining the coordinates: 15 meters rms, 1-5 meters with differential GPS in 95% of average conditions, 2-3 meters in WAAS mode in 95% of average conditions. Data refresh rate 1 Hz. Operating temperature range: from minus 15 to plus 70 degrees. Interfaces: RS-232 or USB for a computer, NMEA 6183, RTCM 104 for external devices.

Sound Alarm in Garmin Handheld GPS Navigation.

Sounds are provided when you press buttons or some on-screen messages appear. At the request of the user, the sound alarm can be turned off.

External Power for Garmin Handheld GPS Navigation.

As a rule, you can connect an external power source with a typical voltage range of 8-35 Volts to the communication connector with a personal computer. Since there is a voltage of another magnitude, then follow the instructions for a specific model. Among the accessories for a GPS navigator, you can find and purchase a cable with an adapter for connecting to a car cigarette lighter. The weight of GPS navigators is often indicated without batteries, and the battery life of the navigator is given for alkaline (alkaline) batteries and economy mode, which reduces power consumption.

Based on materials from the book All About GPS Navigators.
Naiman V.S., Samoilov A.E., Ilyin N.R., Sheinis A.I..

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