Gas burner for cauldron: the types and how to do it yourself?

Portable gas burner for cauldron is a device that allows you to quickly and accurately cook pilaf during tourist travels. The device has a fairly simple design, so it is not difficult to make it yourself. Which burners are suitable for cauldrons and how to build them with your own hands?

  • Types and characteristics of gas burners
  • 2What torch is suitable for cauldron
  • 3Advantages and disadvantages
  • 4 Doing your own hands
    • 4.1 Tools and Material
    • 4.2Production steps
  • 5Rules and features of operation

Types and characteristics of gas burners

For cooking in nature using various types of gas burners. They differ according to power rating and have different design characteristics. Each device has its own advantages and features of use.

There are such types of tourist gas burners:

  1. With a hose. The design is a burner connected to a small fuel bottle with a flexible pipe. The device is perfect for heavy solid dishes. The stability of the burner provides strong legs with a wide setting.
  2. Nabalonnye. This type of device is compact and light weight. The burners are installed on the cylinder, for a fairly light dishes no more than three liters.
  3. With a horizontal arrangement of the cylinder. Burners of this type are the cheapest. For such devices using simple collet cylinders.

Gas burner for cauldronIntegrated gas systems are also produced. In such models, the burner and cooking container are a single unit. Due to this design significantly reduces fuel consumption.

Gas burners are divided into three categories according to the power rating:

  • high – from 3 to 7 kW;
  • medium – from 2 to 3 kW;
  • low – up to 2 kW.

Devices can be with and without piezo igniter. The burners are equipped with a power regulator. They are considered the easiest to use, almost do not take up space, weigh little. Connect the burner with a gas cylinder through a threaded connection. The device can operate on propane, butane or isobutane.

Which burner is suitable for cauldron

For cooking in a cauldron requires a fairly powerful and roomy burner. It is best to use a model with a hose. The design of this device allows you to install a sufficiently large size of the container.

When selecting the burner for the cauldron should be considered:

  1. Power. The larger the size of cooking utensils, the higher should be the indicator of power equipment.
  2. Material. The most robust are cast-iron burners. They are not deformed at high temperatures and the effects of heavy dishes.
  3. Design. The cauldron has a fairly wide bottom, so when choosing a gas torch should take into account its size.
  4. Legs. An important aspect of choosing a torch for a cauldron is the presence of stable supports. The legs should be strong and have a wide setting.

Gas burner for cauldronConvenient use of the burner provides piezogrowth and power adjustment. With the help of a properly selected device, you can cook any dish in a cauldron during outdoor recreation.

Advantages and disadvantages

During tourist trips the gas burner is an indispensable effective device with which you can quickly cook food in a cauldron. Such a device has many advantages:

  • low weight, thanks to which you can take the product with you on a camping trip;
  • ease of use of the device;
  • cooking without much difficulty;
  • the absence of smoke and soot during operation of gas burners;
  • the possibility of using the product in windy weather;
  • long life of the device;
  • safety of use.

Gas burner for cauldronTo bring the burner to work, you just need to turn the valve and light the fire. Some models of burners are suitable for cauldrons with a capacity of more than ten liters.

The disadvantage of using such gas equipment is the instability of work at low temperatures, as well as fast fuel consumption.

Making your own hands

The torch for the cauldron can be purchased at a specialty store or made independently.

Tools and material

To collect the burner design it is necessary to purchase a gas cylinder. The fuel can be used propane or propane-butane.

The work will require such details:

  • heads;
  • gas bottle connection;
  • nozzles;
  • rubber and fabric hose;
  • gas supply regulator.

Gas burner for cauldronYou will also need a steel bar with a width of two centimeters and mounting clamps.

As a tool, you should use a drill with drills number two and four, as well as a screwdriver.

Manufacturing steps

With the help of step-by-step instructions, a gas burner for a cauldron can be done in just an hour. The process of building the device consists of the following steps:

  1. The case for a gas torch is made. Four holes are made in the steel bar, each one millimeter in diameter. Such openings are necessary for the entry of oxygen, which will provide fire and support for fire. Identical holes should be made in the divider rod. In the case you need to make two holes with a diameter of five millimeters.
  2. The divider is gently pressed into the middle of the steel frame.
  3. A flange is inserted inside the fabricated structure. Its installation requires the provision of a gap larger than 0.5 millimeters. Such an aperture is necessary in order for the gas jet to slow down a little at the output of the igniter.
  4. For the construction of the nozzle is required to drill with a drill with a diameter of 2 millimeters to make a blind hole in the metal rod. The distance from the exit point must be at least 1.5 millimeters.
  5. For the supply pipe is used from steel. Its diameter should not be more than one centimeter, and the density of the walls 2.5 millimeters.
  6. Drill number four for jumpers required to make a hole, and then carefully minted it. The butt, in order to end the tube freely placed on the nozzle, is ground by sandpaper.
  7. A hose is put on the end of the steel tube. Another end of it is fixed by the clamp to the cylinder. The connections should be tightened with a screwdriver.
  8. The burner body with a divider is screwed onto the threads of the prepared nozzle.

After connecting all the parts, test the device. Properly assembled gas burner in the process of burning forms a smooth flame, which does not emit black smoke masses.

If a soot has formed during the ignition of the device, then it is necessary to conduct an examination of all connecting sections. For reliability of fastenings the special sealant is used.

The final stage in the manufacture of the burner for the cauldron is to fix the finished structure on the stand with legs. It is made of strong heat-resistant metal.

In order to ensure the correct direction of the flame in windy weather, special protection can be made around the burner. Often in the campaigns for these purposes use stones or other improvised materials.

Rules and features of operation

The burners are quite simple to use, but still for their work requires gas, the use of which requires compliance with a number of safety rules.

Therefore, when using gas burners for cooking during outdoor recreation, the following operational requirements should be followed:

  • install the device on a flat surface;
  • Before turning on check the integrity of the installation and cylinder;
  • during ignition, do not tilt the burner;
  • do not place the cylinder near the fire;
  • use high-quality fuel;
  • after cooking, always shut off the gas supply to the device;
  • do not use torches in tents;
  • before disconnecting the burner from the cylinder, let the device cool down after work;
  • do not leave children near the gas equipment unattended;
  • during cooking to monitor the operation of the gas burner;
  • when cooking in winter, you need to put a special substrate under the balloon.

In cold conditions it is recommended to keep the bottle warm. To do this, you can use a sleeping bag or other warming material. Before using a new gas cylinder, it is recommended to bleed air around the valve a little. Such an action will immediately ensure uniform operation of the burner.

With prolonged use of gas burners, the nozzle holes are sometimes clogged. For their cleaning use a needle. The slightest damage to any parts of the device requires a mandatory replacement. It is dangerous to use burners in the presence of defects.

Many models have a piezo aperture. Such a device allows you to quickly ignite the fire without additional lighters. But sometimes the device fails, so when going on a hike, be sure to grab a match.

Gas burner – is an indispensable thing in the campaign. With this device you can cook any dish in a cauldron, regardless of weather conditions. When using such equipment should always adhere to all safety regulations.

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