Gas cartridges as a means of self-defense for the street and at home, especially for use.

Gas cans are the simplest and cheapest means of self-defense for the street and home. No license is required to own them. Gas cartridges are purchased mainly by women. Men want to have something more solid, such as a gas gun. Women, however, believe that a gas spray is enough for them.. 

Gas cartridges as a means of self-defense for the street and at home, features of use.

The distance affected by an aerosol cloud or a spray of sprayed gas is 2-3 meters. The record holders are gas cans Pfeffer Ko Fog of the German company Ballistol GmbH. Regardless of the volume (40-100 ml), their gas stream in calm weather reaches a distance of up to 4 meters. They are also the most expensive. A 40 milliliter Pfeffer Co. Fog gas canister costs about $ 23.

Gas cartridges as a means of self-defense for the street and at home, especially for use.

Gas cartridges, depending on the volume, work from 12 to 23 seconds. Theoretically, this will be enough to repel an attack of 3-5 people. In addition, the spray repels the dog. Not all cans are equally useful. For example, aerosol is undesirable to use indoors or in an elevator, as the cloud will act on you too.

Many aggressive-minded people consider a gas spray a frivolous tool. Therefore, without stopping their actions, they try to evade (turn away) from the gas stream. So, it is necessary to use a gas spray suddenly for the attacker, and direct the gas stream directly into his face. The shorter the distance, the stronger the effect..

Almost all gas canisters contain a mixture of chloroacetophenone nitrile, dibenzene and pepper extract. Exposure to this mixture disables the attacker for a period of 5 seconds to 5 minutes. When sprayed aerosol gets into the eyes of the respiratory tract, a person begins to cough violently, tears flow abundantly, and facial skin is irritated.

Features of gas cans.

The possibilities of spray cans of different companies are not the same. Lawmakers have optimized the concentration of damaging substances in some Russian cans to such an extent that there is almost no benefit from them. Imported gas cans (unfortunately, not all too) still remain effective.

To understand this issue, you need to get acquainted with the test results and tables of the striking compositions on specialized Internet sites. The cans mentioned above by the German company Ballistol GmbH are recognized as one of the best.

No matter how “frostbitten” and “iron” the attackers were, no one was able to cancel the physiology. Meanwhile, in 5 seconds you can inflict some severe blows or, even better (although it is not always possible according to the situation), just run away.

Based on the book Self-defense weapons for the street and home.
Taras A.

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