Gas spray

We will talk about how to use self-defense.

Of all the weapons available to the population of our powerful and immense, gas cartridges There are a number of advantages:

  • their wearing quite legally (except for them, well, except that only completely);
  • they don’t need any permissions for their acquisition gas spray, keep at home and carry around);
  • unlike traumatic pistols, they have much less wearing restrictions;
  • they non-lethal (which immediately removes the psychological dilemma from the person “);
  • you need to be informed about the application;
  • gas cartridges not so demanding technique and application skills It is not necessary to enter into physical contact with the attacker.

Choosing a gas cartridge

First you need to understand. This question is mainly concerned with the manufacturer. It is a monopolist, but it’s not God’s worst. And makes it pretty good with pepper filling.

Keep in mind spray cans there is only meaning in the so-called “pepper“Everything else -.” Tear “or terrible and terrible” nerve-paralytic, we do not consider. Bov (Combat Toxic Substance), and civil not allowed. Gasoline cartridges produced by Tehkrim, on par with pepper component.

There are five main types of gas cartridges:

1. Aerosol (Torch 2)

it gas cartridges, it needs to be inhaled or inhaled.

The benefits: not demanding on accuracy, quite effective in quality performance.
It is a possibility that it can be confused.

2. Inkjet (Sword)

Inkjet gas cartridges substance. It is desirable to use it. Ideally, if the jet falls on the mucous membranes.

The leasing distance is up to 3 meters. Resistance to low temperatures.
Of the minuses: increased rates for the accuracy of application.

3. Jet-aerosol (Black Fast and Furious)

This includes gas cartridges, previous combine options.

This is a consensual effect of spraying. That is, it not only allows you to mucous membranes, but also affects the respiratory tract.
Of the minuses: aerosol cans.

4. Foamy (Dragon)

It is a small “fire extinguisher”.

The pros and cons are identical to the jet gas cartridges, It doesn’t need to be affected. As well as increased lesion distance.
And the main disadvantage is that this type gas cartridges requires accuracy in the application.

5. Gel (C360)

Similarly foamy gel cans – this is a novelty. A flowable gel is used as a carrier of the striking element.

Taken from any position. As well as foam cylinders, close up the review.
Of the minuses: Very high demands for accuracy. In fact, the highest requirements.

It should also be noted that in comparison with the aerosol and jet-aerosol gas cartridges, jet foam and gel cans have a number of compelling advantages:

  • in confined spaces
  • resistance to frontal and side wind,
  • maintaining efficiency at low temperatures.

Based on this, you choose.

There are two basic capacities: 65 and 100 ml. Balloon on 65 ml on average designed for 2 seconds spraying 100 ml – on 4 seconds (results may vary by model and type of spray). When choosing, always be guided by the widest possible range of applications. gas cartridges.

If you take spray can For a car, you can stop it. It is better to choose a jet, foam or gel. By correctly applying it to the enemy, you will avoid defeating yourself.

Besides just buying gas spray, need to learn how to apply it. You need to carry it and remove it. It means that there is no problem. It should be understood that it should not be a weapon (even if it is called a “means”). Remove it.

There are some simple rules for wearing a gas cartridge:

  • Weapons, in our case – a gas spray, should always be with you. Carrying it in a bag or backpack makes it presenceless.
  • Weapons should be easily accessible. If you hold it, then it is meaningless.
  • For wearing there are special systems. Can be used for carrying soft pouches for pistol shops.
  • If you wear spray can in the “system” or in the pouch, then you will wear it on your belt. Position gas spray In the case of trainings, it is your choice.
  • It is convenient and easy to use. Shouldn’t be able to extract gas spray from whatever position you are in. If you’re an attacker Shouldn’t be any foreign objects. And of course, no retractors and fixers.

Extraction training

Extraction training – This is a required element of ownership of any means of self-defense. Starting from a pistol, ending with a tactical pen. Gas spray in this sense, it is not different from other means. You first before you start extraction training weapons – find a convenient location spray cans on the body. It is not a matter of a jacket or trousers.

The main point to follow when training sessions – this is the correct reach and hold spray in the process of extraction, and at the time of application.

Proper hold This is the number of fingers. It is away from you towards the attacker. If you’re in the process of retrieving your body, you can’t get it. attention to the process of extraction.

With a gradual increase in speed.

In order to avoid accidental training gas spray. This is due regard to the wearable clothing. If you wear a ball, you must wear it. Just do not forget that efficiency gas cartridges dependent on air temperature. At sub-zero temperatures, their effectiveness quickly drops to zero. So try to make it so that gas spray was warm when worn. It happens nothing.

Application training

For this, the same Techkrim has two training options. spray cansaerosol and jet. Both have a capacity of 60 ml, with a liquid containing a violet dye. Depending on the type of cylinder selected, choose the type of training.

For a training session, a forest, a park, a park, a park, a park, some deserted quiet place, a little forest.

If your height doesn’t exceed your own forehead. Assume that the enemy is higher than you. Working distance for gas spray – 1-2-3 meters. You will need five training cans:

  • for working off each distance,
  • for testing continuous precision spraying,
  • for continuous flow.

Spraying occurs from a distance of 1-2-3 meters from the cylinder. If you’re not in any distance, it’s not necessary anyway.

Highly important moment, It is a fact that you’ve been waking up. Therefore, it will be possible to pass by. Keep it in mind, in the process of training, you still come across this. It is sprayed with an arm. This is your additional distance to the enemy.

Self spraying it is made for short pressing. About half a second – second. Try to ensure that every “shot” falls into the middle of the sheet. If you are using gel or foam spray, If you’re trying to get a horizontal line, try to have a horizontal line.

When training continuous spraying, try to keep accuracy within the sheet. It is a real-life application. Or just as thick as possible.

When training spraying in motion, work first spraying with lateral displacement relative to the target.

Note that training in motion is necessary, as gas spray not an instant means of destruction. If I’ve been contacting the enemy, I’m advising you even HadOfGod1981 – There it is clearly shown.

For example, if you are a gas spray and stay in place, there is still a significant chance to get a head. Maneuver is not a straight line. It will make it possible. Fast enough.

It is not necessary to repeat the practice.

On the cost of a gas cartridge and training equipment:

  • working gas spray 65 ml – 300-500 rubles;
  • 100 ml – 700-900 rubles;
  • 5 training cylinders – about 1000 rubles (190 apiece);
  • a roll of tape – 70 rubles;
  • a pack of drawing paper – 50 rubles;
  • wearing system or pouch – from 300 to 900 rubles.

For a couple of hours for training in time. You can protect yourself.

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