General preparation for trouble and life support kit

Keep in your thoughts exile, torture, war, sickness and shipwreck. You can get away from homeland.
Seneca. Letter to Lutsiliyu (XCI).

Table of contents:

General preparation for trouble

  • Emergency kit
  • Money
  • Dishes
  • Self-sufficient food
  • Vital data
  • Main notebook
  • Duplication
  • Readiness for death
  • Routine of life
  • Preparing for the body
  • Stocks
  • Clothes and shoes
  • Home insulation
  • Vital news
  • Data protection
  • Books
  • Skills and knowledge essential for survival
  • Maintaining relationships

General preparation for trouble

Life support kit

… There are such things as, for example, a penknife, matches, a stub of a masculine at all. You can’t really feel it.

Karel Čapek. “Matchbox”.

If you are going to get rid of it, you will get rid of it. In case of emergency set, they are different. If you want to meet the following requirements:

  • Perform an essential function;
  • Have additional uses;
  • They weigh little and occupy a small place;
  • Do not spoil over time.

There are various levels of completeness and storage. Methods of storage of stockpiles:

  • Directly in the pockets;
  • In flat boxes, placed in the pockets;
  • In the belt of pockets
  • In the waist bag;
  • In 1..3 boxes, which are placed in a bag, worn over the shoulder strap.

There is a separate belt for you to carry on. It can be cut off by thieves. If you can’t get it, you can’t get it. . This is a list of things that have been ordered by functional groups:

  • FOR TREATMENT AND PREVENTION: iodine, bandage, plaster, adhesive for smearing wounds, vitamin C, aspirin, furatsilin, petrolatum, phenolphthalein (for constipation), chloramine (for disinfection), zinc ointment (for fungi), a condom.
  • FOR REPAIR: threads, needles, buttons, insulating tape, screwdriver, corkscrew, metal file (cloth only), installation wire, pliers.
  • FOR BODY CARE: scissors, toothbrush, toothpick, pocket mirror, cologne, paper, soap, razor, razor blades, shaving cream, toothpaste, lotion, cotton wool.
  • FOR SCRIPTURE: paper, pencil, ballpoint pen.
  • FOR FOOD: mug, spoon, kettle, corkscrew, salt.
  • FOR FOOD FOOD: fishing hooks, fishing line, sinkers, lures.
  • FOR DRINKING: flask, durable plastic bags (in which water can be kept), potassium permanganate (for disinfection).
  • FOR FIRE FIGHTING: lighter, wire matches, magnifying glass, dry alcohol.
  • FOR STORAGE OF THINGS: cloth bags, plastic bags.
  • FOR OTHER: knife, compass, candle, flashlight, rope or belt support (capable of supporting body weight), shoe brush, money.

It doesn’t exceed 2kg. Possible additional accessories (trips to another city, etc.): a set of linen, a towel, ankle , a pair of light shoes, a pair of light shoes, a spatula, a pair of sunglasses, a hat and a gas mask. Jacket and cotton pants. It is convenient to take it easy to take. Rope or belt tape for durability should be such that it still held your weight. It has been a long time since it retains its strength. It has been the case where it can be folded,

In addition, it is usually not possible to use a thread belt. It is significantly better than the tape. are protected in it outside.) It is convenient to fill the belt with such bottles. If you have not been able to use it, it should be distributed evenly between containers. (and these tanks – between bags) – in case of loss of some of them. You can distinguish between a minimum, normal and advanced life support kit. Possible composition of the minimum set:

  • knife;
  • Toothbrush;
  • compass;
  • toothpick;
  • lighter;
  • threads, needles;
  • scissors;
  • paper;
  • plastic bags;
  • pencil;
  • cord;
  • mirror.

It is not directly observed; when removing the body from the eye; for giving signals.

The composition of the kit depends on the age, gender, and weaknesses. The following set options can be distinguished:

According to the user:

  • For constant wear;
  • In the workplace, in the car;

According to the set of opportunities provided:

  • Universal;
  • Special (for special circumstances);

According to the place of use:

  • For urban environment;
  • For the natural environment (normal, arctic, tropical, desert).

Objects such as a piece of rope, a plastic bag, a bag of plastic cape, a lighter, a handkerchief, paper bag and not get into an unfavorable situation due to forgetfulness. It doesn’t take any harm to themselves. Possible atypical uses of a plastic bag:

  • Foot warmer;
  • Capacity for liquid;
  • Float (with clothing placed inside) – a means of overcoming the “water barrier”;
  • Means of waterproofing in the construction of the shelter;
  • Material for a condenser that provides drinking water in arid areas or desalination of sea water.

In large quantities in your equipment.

It would be embarrassing or dangerous. you. It is not a striking pattern. be largely destroyed). If necessary, you should be able to.

In the case of fire or cold snap. In the case of a small breeder extreme conditions. It can be seen that there has been a complete oversight of it. evacuate from it, and also to place a protective equipment. Protective equipment should be in the last turn. A portable emergency kit can be carried out. This kit may include the following:

  • Knife;
  • Rope (suitable for several floors);
  • Handkerchief;
  • Torch;
  • Lighter.

The power of the world; find out what you need to do. partial life support after a sudden abandonment of the home.

When it comes to a small belt bag. If you’re getting confused in them. It is unlikely that it’s possible. If any items are kept in a plastic film.


Reserves are needed in case of war, natural disaster, economic collapse, forced home sitting. Inventory rules:

  • To accumulate it. For example, it is not necessary to store shampoo, because you can use the toilet soap instead.
  • Store stocks dispersed.
  • There is no need for food to keep in mind for a long period of time.
  • Periodically (for example, once in 3 months)
  • If possible, do not throw away the old things: clothes, shoes, packaging.
  • Cheap and non-perishable things (such as needles, candles, ropes)
  • It is a fact that it is not necessary to take care of the situation.

Approximate list of stored items:

  • ELECTRICAL ELEMENTS: light bulbs, fuses, plugs, sockets, lamp holders, switches, heating coils, wire, insulation tape.
  • TOOLS AND MATERIALS FOR ELECTRICAL WORKS: soldering iron, wire cutters, solder, rosin, installation wire.
  • TOOLS AND MATERIALS FOR CLOTHING: A pair of scissors, needles, threads, buttons, buttons, hooks, zippers, flaps.
  • MECHANICAL TOOLS: hammer, saws for metal files, wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, drill, drill.
  • JOIN TOOLS: saws for wood, ax, chisels, jigsaw, clamps.
  • CONNECTING ELEMENTS: nails, screws, rivets, screws and nuts, dowels.
  • TOOLS AND MATERIALS FOR MALAR WORKS: brushes, paint, paint thinners (linseed oil, acetone).
  • MEASURING AND DRAWING TOOLS: ruler, square, protractor, compass, tape measure, level, caliper.
  • OTHER TOOLS: awl, trowel, shovel, “mount”, glass cutter.
  • OTHER MATERIALS: boards, plywood, leather, plastic, glass, wire, sheet metal, ropes, fabrics, foam rubber, glue.
  • KITCHEN THINGS: Spoons, forks, knives, dishes, corkscrews, can openers, corks, bottlenecks, cleaning (scrubbing) utensils, primus stoves, boilers, electric hotplates, small gas stove.
  • ELEMENTS OF WATER EQUIPMENT: taps, couplings, gaskets, “knee”.
  • ELEMENTS FOR EQUIPMENT DOORS AND WINDOWS: handles, locks (padlocks, overhead and internal), hinges, latches, chains, eyes, insect screens, seals (for sealing cracks).
  • CLOTHES: socks, underwear, pants, shirts, etc.
  • ACCESSORIES: umbrellas, glasses, handkerchiefs, gloves.
  • SHOES: casual, indoor, rubber, sports.
  • For women: for laces, brushes, cream, nails, leather, thick threads (dratva), needles with a wide eye.
  • BODY CARE MEANS: toothbrushes, toothpicks, toothpaste, soap, lotion, cologne, shampoo, aftershave cream, razors, razor blades, electric shaver, mirror.
  • medical instruments: thermometers, syringes, pipettes, heating pads, tweezers, scalpels, syringes;
  • medical supplies: bandage, plaster, cotton;
  • agents for treating skin lesions: iodine, brilliant green, furaplast, glue BF-6;
  • vitamins: vitamin C, vitamin A, multivitamins;
  • from a cold: naphthyzine, glazolin;
  • from sore throat: ingalipt, furatsilin;
  • from allergies: dimedrol;
  • headache: analgin, askofen, tsitramon;
  • burns: gramicidin paste;
  • heart remedies: validol, nitroglycerin, Corvalol;
  • for fungi: zinc ointment, nitrofungin;
  • from scuffing: petroleum jelly;
  • painkillers: no-shpa, novocaine;
  • antipyretic: aspirin, paracetomol,
  • antibiotics: ampicillin, biseptol, trihopol;
  • constipation: phenolphthalein;
  • liquids for the preparation of drugs: alcohol, distilled water, glycerin, novocaine.
  • CLEANING AND WASHING MEANS: washing powder, washing soap, baking soda.
  • DISINFECTING MEANS: potassium permanganate, chloramine, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide.
  • FOOD: canned food, cereals, sugar, salt (if you need it), milk powder.
  • WATER: drinking a long shelf life; for other purposes – in cans, cans, plastic bottles, plastic bags.
  • OFFICE ACCESSORIES: paper, notebooks, envelopes, pencils, ballpoint points, buttons, paper clips, glue.
  • TRAVELING ACCESSORIES: backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, pots, jars, dry alcohol, folding knives, compasses, stoves.
  • EMERGENCY ACCESSORIES: gas masks, respirators, fire extinguishers, ropes.
  • CAPACITIES: plastic bags, bags, suitcases, tanks or water cans.
  • VEHICLES: bike, inflatable boat, skis.
  • It has been shown that it has been shown that it has been shown that it has received no signal from the motor clock.
  • FUEL: firewood, paper, kerosene, gasoline, alcohol, dry alcohol.
  • MEANS OF EMERGENCY HEATING: electric stoves, wood stove.
  • MEANS OF EMERGENCY POWER SUPPLY: bicycle electric generator, petrol electric generator.
  • MEANS OF EMERGENCY SEALING OF PREMISES: soft sealing tape, adhesive tape.

Voice recorder, 2..3 portable radio radio small small small small Purchase them if your income allows it. If a global catastrophe happens, it’s a matter of “humanitarian aid”. If they are still suitable for use. Keep it stock outdoors: hide it in the country, in the garage, in the shed, or even in a plastic bag.

For a torn shirt, it’s not a good idea to wear it. A shirt in two. It should be in mind. There are no lines for the ballistic pens. There is no need for additional repair. It is important to keep your body clean.

There is no additional threat. You can keep yourself away from the sun and away from the combustible things. Homework. Do not store flammable liquids in plastic containers, as these liquids gradually evaporate through micropores.

It can be defective. It has been taken a long time for its storage. Substances are better preserved, low temperature slows down all chemical reactions. At -20 degrees most of all substances can be preserved. It’s not always fast enough to keep in mind. If you’re not getting a lot of money, you’ll be keeping track of place are spent, in the second place they accumulate. It is where the first place is empty.

It is beneficial to have multiple storage sites. It is necessary to immediately switch to the mode of action. Since it’s possible to eat, it’s possible to cook. For your family you’re not happy with your family. Since they are unlikely to follow, it’s not worth it. If you want money, then items. Priorities for stocking are distributed as follows:

  1. Food;
  2. Fuel;
  3. Vitamins;
  4. Medications;
  5. Footwear;
  6. Clothing;
  7. Instruments.

The factors determine the priority in the extreme conditions; secondly, the consequences of lack.


Numerous dangers for your savings, inflation, fires, monetary reforms. For personal well being, what you earn. In cash, in cash, in bank, in circulation, in cash, in gold, in foreign currency, in commodity stocks. Within each form, it is spread out the values ​​of several storage locations. It can be a matter of course. Parents, children, parents. The proportions of your savings should be planned: Read newspapers, think. Buy gold if possible in a simple design, breakdown higher. In this case, it is easier to transport across the border. It is much safer than paper money. It is also preferable to gems. Reasons: stones value value value value value – Cheap artificial stones.

Do not invest money in the work of art. It will be possible to make a difference. Save up any popular stable currency little by little. Do not make large stocks if the exchange rate is unfavorable. It should be borne in mind that it would be 5.8 years ahead or even for life. If you don’t want to make a difference, you don’t want to become cheaper, you don’t get cheaper, you can’t need it. It can be a lot more fun.

Invest in yourself: learn foreign languages, complex technologies. Do you want to eat, travel, raise children, heal, etc. Nobody will take away what you have spent. Take care of the prosperity of a kind. Build a house with a country of love, a good place to live. It is the main thing.

Always carry you a reasonable amount of money, for example, in this case. It may be necessary It must be kept in loss and theft. It can be hung up on the neck, or over the shoulder, or on the waist. Carry a few wallets. It helps not only with forgetfulness. In one of the wallets you can keep. If you irritate him, then you can give him money.

You can’t be so dirty. Therefore, every time after you take your money, you should wash your hands.

Clothes and shoes

Outerwear should be discreet, inexpensive in appearance, durable, well covering the body. It is also desirable to have a large number of well-fastened pockets. If you are looking for an evacuation of clothing, it’s recommended that you wear it. If you need to keep yourself in the middle of the summer. This is a difficult question. You can distinguish the colors of the four types: camouflage, bright, neutral, reflective.

It has been a lot of trouble. It is not necessary to draw tending to stealth. It is a bit more likely to be refreshed. as a strong fire. In the cold weather, it is less significant than the light reflection in the summer. It can be white for winter. It makes it possible to make it a little bit more to make a difference.

It is a fact that it has been chosen that it can be worn out. It can be as follows:

  • Light, very protective, neutral – very neutral;
  • It is better that even if it is a garment is not provided;
  • It’s not a problem. “If you are a woman of fierce enemies, then it is protective; so on).

It is a rule that you can’t get a lot of attention. For socks and dark masking colors are better. As for handkerchiefs, bright (for giving signals), dark (for making dressings), white (for demonstrating peaceful intentions) It has been a lot of fun. Long-field unbuttoned clothing, a long scarf with loose ends can cause an accident. Waving clothing. The famous dancer of the XX century. It was strangled by her own scarf. In general, it’s possible to make it out. It is not possible to choose any kind of rotating parts (lathe, etc.). The ability of various materials can be listed from the most sustainable:

  • Genuine Leather
  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Synthetic materials

It is a fact that it can be used to make it. All pockets in clothes must be securely closed. It is necessary to sew fasteners. Wearing gloves whenever you can, without attracting too much attention. This is necessary to protect against injury. In addition, it is also essential. It will make it possible for you to look for hair. The gloves should be washed, it eventually accumulated enough. If you’re not in the first place, you can’t be able to go for a second.

Preferred shoes, with laces or clasps, with higher sides, without air vents. Soft outsole allows you to walk with less noise. If you’re on foot, you’ll be on your feet. The tied ends of the laces should not be too long. It is desirable that it will not spontaneously dissolve. Inadequate lace can cost you your life. If the laces are too long or untied by themselves, they should not be worn. High boards will be protected from sand injuries. In the cold, when driving on a dusty road.


It can be placed on fire, it can not be broken, it can be used, it can be used as the last resort, it can be used. Aluminum reagent It seems to be quite acceptable.

Home insulation

The space of the dwelling should be isolated from it. Harmful factors can be classified as follows:

  1. by source: natural; man-made;
  2. by regularity of manifestation: constant (eg, street noise); periodic (eg, winter cold); episodic (eg, hurricane); unlikely (eg, falling meteorite);
  3. on the physical essence: dust; gases; insects; rodents; criminals; disruption of communications; shaking; radiation; high or low temperature; and so forth

It must be used to ensure that all exits from the dwelling are used. Even better – pass through the air. As such, a moistened cloth may be used. Body water should be filtered or boiled. It must be worn, removed, and not worn. In the hallway, it can be seen in the hallway, it can be seen in the hallway. It reduces the conditions of helminth contamination and reduces the risk of contamination. It is a radioactive, chemical, chemical and bacterial contamination of the area.

Self-sufficient food

Get your own garden. It protects against colds. It has been largely the case that there has been a loss. If you are looking at the wall between the two vertical supports. Abundant and nutritious harvest will be. Plant residues should not be thrown away, but buried in the ground. It is unprofitable to live animals. Food remains, even in a large family, are chicken. It means that they contain several types of animals. It is a so-called summer cottage. transportation costs.

Vital news

Carry a pocket radio. The Disaster of Alaska Follow the news (distributed via TV, radio, newspapers). You should see a dangerous tendency in time in society or in nature. Of course, it is not recommended that you listen to the radio.

Vital data

Maps of traffic, city plans, addresses of various institutions, timetables of traffic. In the event of a war, you can remain without your notebook. In this case, the memory card numbers are It would be impossible to follow you. You must be able to keep track of the “spare airfields”.

Data protection

There are also some hieroglyphs. May be speeding up writing. Protect your files from the unwanted password pack. At least every 10 minutes. Copy all files that were updated for the floppy disk. If you were to change it, it wouldn’t be necessary to transfer it from a piece of paper. It most often occurs when it is turned on or off. Hazards for computer data:

  • theft of computer floppy disks;
  • computer breakdown, disk wear;
  • computer damage, floppy disks
  • in case of fire, water heating breakthrough, etc .;
  • damage to the computer, floppy disks, programs, data hackers;
  • unintentional deletion of files;
  • data corruption in case of emergency power off;
  • damage to programs and data by computer viruses.

Destroy your long-term work. Back up all your files, and also print the texts. Make copies of the same files on different floppy disks. If you don’t want to have a room for you to use Copies of files formed at home, carry to work, and formed at work – home. One copy of all the files can be sent. It should be noted that it should not be necessary to ensure that it can be restored. Prepare paper in different places. Do not discard drafts: they may be needed for data recovery. Keep text and floppy disks containing the same data. You can get them somewhere in the forest.

Main notebook

It is difficult to keep in mind. It is intended for everyday use, but it can also be used as a major disaster. (For the third time), it’s possible to use it. You need to effectively make a living. Also useful information:

  • medical;
  • in foreign languages;
  • humanitarian humanitarian organizations.

Table of contents. Notebook sheets that have become the new ones. It is better to duplicate data.


A well-chosen personal library is a significant survival factor. You can read your intellect by reading. If you’re not ready to use it, it’s not a matter of what to do. Just in case, collect books:

  • MEDICINE: infectious diseases, mental illness, nervous diseases, surgery, medications, etc.
  • FOREIGN LANGUAGES: textbooks, dictionaries, phrase books, adapted and non-adapted literature.
  • LAW CODE: criminal, criminal procedure, civil, civil procedure, administrative.
  • CRAFTS: construction, metalwork, carpentry, painting, sewing.
  • DRIVING VEHICLES: car, yacht, aircraft.
  • MILITARY CASE: regulations for small business, instructions for tactics, topography, logistical support.
  • NATURAL DISASTERS AND OTHER DANGERS: earthquakes, floods, avalanches, predatory animals, terrorists, mediums, aliens, etc.

Of course, you can get out of it. It is necessary to give you a good hardcover. Increased rate for such books. It has been given that it has been given the time of the book. Various small things. If you want to compress something under the hot pan. It is also the case that it is in extreme cases. Taking into account all circumstances mentioned above. A larger book stock is a perversion, albeit an unhealthy one. They are less ruffled, gathering dust, linger over cockroaches, aggravate the situation too much.


There will be a lot of help.

B. Gracian. “Pocket Oracle” (af. 134).

Duplication principle of wide application. Keep it in line with your main asset:

  • jacket, work suit, pair of shoes, gloves, an umbrella;
  • knife, cigarette lighter, flashlight;
  • refrigerator, TV, telephone, alarm clock, razor, wrist watch;
  • door lock; water tap;
  • ballpoint pen;
  • a notebook with the most necessary data.

Have at least two children. A woman has been able to take care of her life Train your left arm (left-handed). Highlight some work, for example, brushing your teeth, shaving, eating.

Skills and knowledge essential for survival

When choosing leisure activities, take into account their usefulness for survival. (Approximately in descending order of importance):

  • SPORTS: hand-to-hand fighting, running, swimming, gymnastics, fencing, throwing, skiing, cycling, rowing.
  • DIFFICULT ENTERTAINMENT: traveling, fishing, hunting, archery.
  • LEARNING FOREIGN LANGUAGES: English, German, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic.
  • ACQUISITION OF SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE: in medicine, psychology, forensic science, criminology, law, military affairs, agriculture, botany, zoology, astronomy, geology.

Driving to a vehicle (car, motorcycle, yacht, plane), mountaineering, scuba diving, not recommended for people If possible, get a common complex working profession: auto mechanic, electrician, bricklayer, carpenter, telephone operator, turner.

Readiness for death

“We can understand that we’re happy,” it is a battle. “

M. Montaigne (“Experiments”, Book I, Chapter XX)

If you can, even at any time Mentally normal people don’t get agony about this. For a sudden death must be prepared. It is a life of peace. It is a fact that a person has to end his life. If you have your enemies know. Hurry up to live. Do not delay good deeds, feats, pleasures, rewards to their merits. Make a will. This can be an order for your children, confession, etc. In the will, a variable part is possible – current obligations (yours and towards you). It’s not necessary to rejoice your debtors. Assign a few executors. Than the wife (husband) Insure your life policy. Specify where to go. This will save your loved ones. For the elderly people Some also look after their place in the cemetery. Some acquire and coffin.

Maintaining relationships

Relatives and friends – a strategic factor in survival. You need to take care of them. Little bit in your debt. It is necessary to ensure that there is a sufficiently effective system of survival. In this case, they will not be able to help. Do not bother them on trifles. People need to be adjusted. If you want to know how to live it? There are people capable of friendship. It is a concept that you can understand me. It is a funk. Such people should not be lost sight of.

Routine of life

If you want to be able to meet your needs and conditions, learn more about foreign languages. Once a week:

  • tidy up your things, papers, data;
  • it is important to keep in memory;
  • arrange hand-to-hand combat training (partner is not required);
  • arrange running training.

Once a month:

  • check and replenish emergency equipment;
  • If you’re reading your mind?

Once every three months:

  • check, buttons, door locks, window latches, alarm, improvised weapon;
  • shake up your stocks;
  • It’s an appropriate choice.

Once a year:

  • go traveling somewhere long and light;
  • arrange fasting for many days;
  • Update non-potable water supplies.

Preparing for the body

For serious training, you should develop the following qualities:

  • pull the hands up;
  • ability to walk on a log, to stand on one leg;
  • flexibility of the shoulder joints;
  • flexibility of the hip joints and spine (necessary, among other things, for sucking and sucking);
  • ability to dodge (when trying to grab you or hit you, etc.);
  • ability to throw objects at a target.

At the entrance – at the entrance to the stairs. Keep an expander in your pocket and use it whenever possible. There is no need to allocate special time. It was received during the day that it was received during the day. It is necessary to observe gradualness and regularity. It is impossible to make up your mind. It is better to have a light tan on the skin. The nails should be 0.5..1 mm long. The use of things can lead to the degradation of the body. If you often look at the clock; if you use a compass – a sense of direction, if you carry a weapon – a sense of danger. If you always dress according to the weather It’s not a problem.

Survival Training Program

It is essential for survival. Since the book was bookmarked. It is recommended to do the following:

  1. Make bows and arrows, master target shooting.
  2. Master the throwing of stones and batons at the target.
  3. Wash it with 8 liters of water.
  4. Get a haircut yourself.
  5. Take a walking trip to a distance of about 50 km.
  6. To spend the night in the forest.
  7. To spend the night somewhere in the city.
  8. Catch the fish on the bait and hands.
  9. To fight
  10. Build a shelter out of the snow.
  11. Starve up during the week.
  12. Go down the rope from a height of 7 meters.
  13. Kindle fire in wet weather or in winter.
  14. Make samolov, using woven from grass rope.
  15. Rehearse an emergency evacuation from home (check the ability to collect all the necessary things).

This program doesn’t cover all situations.

Alexander Buryak, editors – LastDay.Club
from the book “The Art of Survival”

Advice and preparation for emergencies

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