Gerber Remix

One of the criteria that separates a full-fledged cold weapon from the “knife for pampering” is the presence of a finger rest. Manufacturers manage where to avoid this problem by the special design of the handle, but Gerber went the furthest. They thought of making a regular folding knife with a built-in hefty ring into which you can insert your index finger, which results in a good stop. They called this thing Gerber Remix and are now actively selling.

To some, this will seem ridiculous (for example, in the editorial office, part of the team is the arrows, and they just laughed at it), but, as they say, in every joke – just a fraction of the joke. In any case, stabbing with such a knife is a pleasure. However, it is worth remembering about the vulnerability of the finger, and not only if this folding knife will try to knock out. With a direct thrust, the knife can meet a serious obstacle or go at an angle, and that’s it, hello with your finger – a fracture is guaranteed.

However, what is still the most pleasant thing in the knife – the price is about 30 bucks. Therefore, decide whether these subjective drawbacks in your understanding outweigh the objective advantages of Gerber Remix.

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