Get ready: 10 tips to improve your defense skills

Do I have to write me the same question: “. It is terribly difficult to give.

So when I was asked, I was very pleased. It is clear that there will be help.

1. Lower your body’s center of gravity

I am still amazed by the number of people I trained in self-defense. It is not one. It is an instinctively person.

It is a stressful situation. It’s not a matter of course.

2. Visualize the threat

Cardboard paper or metal target. The idea of ​​self-defense while in the dash. You may be threatened with it.

Give yourself a chance to be prepared. He begins the attack after the trainer begins his attack.

Also make sure you visualize the end of the battle. Why did you stop shooting? The attacker capitulates, the attacker escapes …

3. Carry a harness

Wear an emergency first aid kit. If you are shooting, you should be able to provide first aid for gunshot wounds.

The most common injuries are the legs and arms. Therefore, it turns out to be a step back, and it turns out.

For many years.

4. Do not chase time

Very often, the shooters seek to shoot as quickly as possible. You can often hear, “Without standards, we have no incentive to improve!”

It has been shown that it has more than once.
It will be able to make it. .

Shooting in real dash. Situational learning will allow you to adapt to your surroundings. Shooting is not for shooting. Shooting for the real world …

Compare shooting to driving a car. In particular, it was a race track, a race track, a race track, a race track, and a race track. In this case, it is important to note that

But every day you get into the car. Much more attention to traffic safety.

It is a practice of the rules of practice.

5. Keep a safe distance.

Anyone Who Can’t Hold It Up! This is especially true if your weapon is in your hands. This is the way to go.

This is the distance between the weapon and the speed of the weapon. But they didn’t want to use their weapons. In some cases this led to very tragic results.

Upper and bottom left The photos illustrate the wrong ones:

You must not be able to reach out to the distance.

6. Hold the weapon with one hand

If you can’t get to your body, you’ll be safe. It is better to make it to your torso or your weapon.

In the dash, it is a grip in the dash.

7. Do not look at the weapon when reloading.

If you’re still a little bit of a car? If so, you probably didn’t look at that moment, did you?

In everyday life, you can reflexively manipulate objects such as a ballpoint pen, a hammer, a tennis racket, musical instruments, keyboard phones, and so on.

In the battle, there are other threats, passers-by, and other factors.

It makes it possible for you to adapt it.

Learn how to reuse your eyesight on more important things.

It can be inspect your mind. But in the real world, it’s a bit different.

It is focused on the threat. Learn to focus on this, look for other potential threats. But you can’t train your muscle memory.

8. Be fit

“… it will be intact …”

If you want to be in good shape.

You can spend time on the gym. Do not give up on ice cream and other delights. Nursery for no more than 15 seconds …

It should be noted that it’s the best way to move around.

The amount of push-ups, sit-ups and jumps, climb into the window. It will be intact.

It makes it possible for you to adapt it.

9. Use brackets on the arms.

If we consider a long-barreled weapon for self-defense, then we can be equipped with a picatinny fastening stripe from below or from the side. I like it.

Corners, ledges, or other flat or uneven surfaces.

10. Buy a second weapon

Too often, I’m like a new firearm, I’m like a new weapon …

It’s not the best option. Another case – if you are a collector, or a “fan of the weapons.”

If you purchased gun for self defense It should be noted. Thus, the gun makes it easier to buy two firearms. Interfire with your weapon.

In the case of storage at home. Combinations like the 5-inch XD and 3-inch XD, or Glosc 17 and Glock 26 ideal for such situations.

There is nothing wrong with being a collector for self-defense. But it is very important to prioritize yourself.

ROB PINKUS (Rob Pinkus) – professional trainer, consultant and founder Training Center I.C.E. (INTEGRITY. CONSISTENCY. EFFICIENCY). Robot and his colleagues, firearms, tactics, and tactics.

The program is the most effective training method.

Translated by Yury Ignatov

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