Gil Hibben Claw II. The best awkward kerambit

Immediately make a reservation, everything that is written below is purely mine IMHO. I know very well how we treat karambit as combat knife. And in principle, I consider such an attitude – and it is skeptical – quite reasonable.

I will remind you karabits – this knives, who came and came to us from the Philippines. That is, from those edges where people 90% of the time can safely walk down the street in one loincloth. Anyway, at least clothes and it is as light as possible. This means that it is very easy to get a tip to the body and as a result, even if it is short, it is very bloody and hard. This is not our northern reality, when about 7-8 months a year (and depending on the region it can be 10 or 11 months), people in such a volume of clothing that they dunk up to them. And so the application kerambit in our reality is very – VERY !!! – Required to the technique and the level of applying.

Especially given our castrated law on cold arms, more precisely, about what knives can be sold freely, and how they are limited by TTX. So, because of this, what we sell as Karambit – This is a castrated version. The fact is that normal Karambit – double-edged. And it cuts both the outside and the inside. And not one internal, like ours.

Well, again, Karambit in modern reality has fallen victim to fashion and “ergonomics.” For example, on the normal karambite on the ring under the finger there is always a “shock spike”, which is intended for inflicting very painful blows. And, in principle, the ring itself is not just an element of protection and design that provides reliable retention, but also an element the knife, used in percussion technique. And for the most part this part is devoid of most of the current knives, called Karambit. The same knives, which are devoid of even rings, are simply classified as knives with blade like hawkbill (eagle claw).

What is all this long introduction to? To the fact that I have finally closed the gestalt on the awkward karabits. I already had a big – CS Steel Tiger. From canonical kerambit it is distinguished by the lack of sharpening the outside. The rest of the thing is quite canonical. Finally i got Karambit, on which he pinned great hopes. Looking ahead, I will say – he justified the hopes, and even beyond that.

Karambit Gil Hibben Claw II

At first glance knife makes a very strange impression. A sort of “unknown animal”, which, if there was no experience with Karambit, do not even know how to take. In general, citizen Hibben is known for regularly providing state cinema with special “cinematic” knives. For example, this is the famous Toothpick from Expendables. Or in its own legendary Double shadow from Time Patrol. Actually, according to rumors and testimonies of a number of citizens, Claw also lit up in the movie – he did not see, but people say.

Respectively, knife It looks like that even now on the screen of some creepy action movie. And, like all the rest of the work of citizen Hibben, it looks strange and at first glance not very practical. However, this is as long as you do not take it in hand. Again, I repeat – not everyone will understand, even taking in his hand. If there is no understanding what is Karambit, and how they work, then the feeling will actually be like from an “unknown animal”. But if you understand …

Claw could be on sale with us for exactly one reason – size blade. Would he have blade a little more, most likely, his fate would have been predetermined – he would have fallen into the sad list of what “sees an eye, but a tooth hurt.” The maximum length of the outer RC is 65 mm, the inner one is about 45 mm. Yes, you heard it right – knife double edged That is, according to the canonical Philippine technique, it is possible to cut not only the inside (a hard injection and a ragged cut), but also the outside (a fairly neat cut). At the same time, unlike most karabits Claw allows you to apply shallow stab wounds that on the forward, that on the reverse grip, while not turning in a clever wrist and not building complex designs with his hands.

Purpose of kerambit

Why was it immediately about self-harm? Because u kerambit Claw There is no place in the household application. Quite, from the word “in general”. The maximum is to open the box or “print” the envelope. About cutting at least something, forget it right away. Even cucumbers or olives from the banks will be problematic. Maximum – drag from the plate, nothing more. No peaceful application.

Well, okay, back to what knife fit Yes, we run into the fact that in the first place it is Karambit, with all its consequences. And in that blade very compact. Again, remember that Karambit – This is a weapon from a region with a hot and humid climate. Any scratch heals long and reluctantly. And in the case of a slightly deeper injury, the likelihood of infection and all the consequences is extremely high. But our climate is temperate. It’s a bit hot, and most of the time people are wrapped in clothes.

And here lies the biggest problem with Karambit in our latitudes. The fact is that for injections they are not as well adapted as knives with ordinary blades (the form is completely unimportant), but the main cut is performed by the internal RK.

And with such a blow, first of all the point clings to the clothes, and if knife well sharpened, and the force with speed were sufficient, then he, of course, would walk a couple of centimeters of clothing. But then she gets confused and starts turning out the brush by inertia. Therefore, when it comes to working with Karambit, in our conditions, the requirements for technology are greatly increasing. It will be necessary to work with a cut in the open parts of the body and in those that are minimally covered with clothes. As for the injections, in principle you can prick anywhere, the main thing is to understand that the maximum will be about 6 cm (this is the maximum – that is, at maximum strength, at the correct distance, and most likely on the opponent’s oncoming traffic). It is clear that everything depends on seasonality, because picking up a shirt and / or t-shirt is incomparably easier than a winter jacket with fleece and thermal underwear.

And in principle, the same applies to the cut – given the length blade, cutting through thick clothes or several layers will be a bit problematic.

And here it would seem, you read and think about it – and why the heck is he, and why do I suddenly spread so much talk around the unfortunate and uncomfortable the knife. But there is one moment. Equipment. If you don’t have it, then Karambit you do not need. Maximum – like a toy from a designer known for his love of perversions. But if you have it …

Despite the size blade, this knife very rezuchy. Due to its compactness it is very invisible and light. It does not interfere in the hand at all, moreover – at the expense of very competent ergonomics it sits in almost any hand. Of course, it will not fall into a large paw, but it lies perfectly in my very average hand. If the hand is smaller, then you can always “get” at the expense of gloves. And by the way, about the gloves – knife skeletal type so that gloves may become necessary addition to the knife. There are versions the knife with overlays, but to be honest, I took exactly the skeletal, so that he lay in his hand with the maximum probability.

Now let’s talk about Claw II

Knife, as I said, very rezuchy. Internal RK due to the fact that the cut begins with a hook, the edge leaves a completely terrible traces. On the same bark looks brutally. And even the hook point kerambit leads to wounds similar to those that leave a triangular bayonet, very painful and long-lived. Moreover, the wound goes across the depth of the entrance and “jerk” the tip, and not just on the surface. And if this is further aggravated by at least a small cut length, then the effect is quite impressive both in terms of the external effect (a lot of blood) and in the sensations delivered. The main thing to remember is that it is necessary to work on the open parts of the body.

Also in the case of Claw, you can use an external RC. It is rather long relative to the inside, and I remind you that knife double edged The cut at the same time on the reverse movement is shallow, but rather rough. And in this case, the point of the role practically does not play, if only to hook them. The scratch will be long andKarambit unpleasant.

But, besides the cutting part and pricks, Claw there is one huge advantage over others karabits. These are “shock” projections, the number two. And here it is Karambit begins to unfold from a different, no less beautiful and interesting side …


The fact is that these protrusions give a huge scope in tactical possibilities. Considering that the thickness the knife 4.5 mm, then the spot of contact with the enemy will be very small. And while any application of force will increase several times. Anyone who is at least a little familiar with the Kubotan technique will understand what this is about. That is, it is not easy to work at injuring the enemy here, but very simple. Regardless of the grip, you can beat almost anywhere, from any position and at any angle. If not blade, then one of the “shockers” will get it for sure. In this case, a very paradoxical situation arises, when the shortcomings of blade by clothes you can easily compensate by applying Karambit Claw like a handshock.

Well, I would especially note the sheath …

Kerambit sheath

Included with karambite claw ii go very sturdy leather sheath, that in our harsh technological time, with the total dominance of Kaidex, it is very nice. Wherein sheath very sensible. They hold tight knife, even if you do not use the lock on the button. On the belt sheath fasten with clips. The clip is tight, high-quality, it does not go away from the belt, even if it is wider than the clip allows.

Well, in principle, you can safely fix knife for any grip – that direct, that reverse. What is nice in both cases – with sure coverage of the handle with at least two fingers knife easy to go to work. But still kaydeksnyh scabbard the knife lacks. In this case, it would be possible to use neck-wear, which in principle would diversify tactical possibilities. But this is a question or the curvature of their own hands, or about 1000 rubles. Although basic scabbard enough with a vengeance.

And … Oh, yes, TTX, otherwise I forgot about them, being fascinated by the description.

Characteristics of kerambit Gil Hibben Claw II

  • Blade Material: 420J2
  • Hardness: 54-56 (Hrc)
  • Scabbard Material: Leather
  • Blade length: 75 mm.
  • Knife length: 160 mm.
  • Butt thickness: 4.5 mm.
  • Weight: 101 gr.

So this interesting thing comes out in the end. No technology – no knife, but sheer misunderstanding. There is a technique – so Karambit it is a pleasure to work. Should I take it or not? See for yourself – the price for it is more than imputed (about 3000-3500 rubles), the only reasonable limitation is the lack of skill.

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Steel arms

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