Girl shot husband from Desert Eagle for video on Youtube

The not-the-smartest guy from minnesotaThe not-the-smartest guy from minnesota

When you get a license, you need to go through it, among the psychiatrist is not the last. It is not necessary for obtaining permission. Not a schizophrenic, not an alcoholic, not a drug addict – it means you can shoot. Here are just a lot of the deaths careless handling of weapons IQ is not too high. Those who have great difficulty draw parallels between cause and effect. And recently, one such story literally shook the Internet.

So. Monday, June 26, USA, Minnesota, the town of Halstad. At 6.30, she received a call. They reported on shooting and casualties. A typical situation for the USA, however. That’s just the circumstances were not typical.

A 22-year-old young lady (already the second child) named Monaliza Perez. The instrument of crime – Desert eagle 50th caliber immediately found. The victim is a 20-year-old Pedro Ruiz, was killed outright. Why? Oh, here is where the interesting begins.

A happy married couple – Monaliza and Pedro really wanted to become famous. And you can send him on YouTube. Not only did he like that, of course – he wanted to stop a bullet. If they had fired weapons of a smaller caliber. But there was only a pistol at hand to go.

Thanks in advance of her late family life.Thanks in advance of her late family life.

She refused to shoot. Looks like the beginnings of common sense were. But Pedro was very persuasive. And Monaliza, as befits a faithful wife, listened to him. In short, she had been charged with the article “careless handling of weapons”, with a lot of extenuating circumstances. Fortunately, stupidity does not apply to them.

It can be a bullet at all?

They never left behinddesert eagleIt’s not a problem. someone else is talking about “weapons culture in the West”.

In short. Notorious Mythbusters If you look for a booklet Anything more – breaks through.

BUT .50 caliber Easily sews a pair of paper of A4 paper, each of which has 8 piles of paper. If you are interested? Demolition rancho.

“Remains open.” – remains open.

A shot from the video itself. Pedro and Monaliza are happy, because they have come to their YouTube channel. A fatal shot is a few minutes.A shot from the video itself. Pedro and Monaliza are happy, because they have come to their YouTube channel. A fatal shot is a few minutes.

If you want to become a caliber, then you’re a dear reader. Check it in advance

But it is not a chase.

P.S. It is a little girl who gets a Darwin Award. After all, in fact, he has to pass on his hereditary genes.

But the promised video …


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