Girls and Guns: Girls with guns

Here is a collection of photos – Girls and guns – made the studio TracerX Photography.

There are no rules for the shooters, the owners of firearms and …


Blanca is a “tactical” model (advertises weapons, uniforms, equipment).

Kinessa johnson

Kinessa is a member of the community Vetpaw (Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife), and fights against poaching. In addition, there is a diesel mechanic. Kinesa develops and constructs weapons, such as the 300WM PETRA Rifle SI and Defense, and also works with San tan tactical. Recently it can be found on Tactical Shit’s and on Recoil Magazine.

Jadoti day

For weapons and tactical equipment.

Tawny lynn

Tony is an experienced shooter of a single mother. Girl interested survival. And she has Instagram.

Girls and Guns: Girls with guns

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